Wyze Cam V3 SD Card Failures

Believe me, there is nothing wrong with most of the cards we used here. It is just problems with wyze cam. I have cards that been working for so long and it is recording 24 hrs daily for many many months and still working. Some cams after a few months they just got fried by the cams. To be honest, I will be staying away from wyze eventually. Not reliable at all. Can’t power cycle them remotely as MOST of the time you will have to be manually unplug and replug for it to work. I am done with wyze cam.


Hi, not perfect but my solution for a hard cycle is to have them plugged into a WYZE remote socket. Turn it off and on, hard reset accomplished. I needed to do that to a finicky range extender as well. Works like a charm!


I just discovered this myself!
I went to check 3 of my Wyze cams SD cards to do a format on them (2 V2 and 1 V3) and all 3 Sandisk 32GB cards are toast.
They all read the same exact number, 28.05GB/29.3GB.
Formatting them shows complete followed by it showing 29.1GB/29.3GB then it goes back to 28.05GB.
Took them out and tried reformatting them in my PC and they failed.
This sucks…what sucks more is Wyze’s typical ignorance on never coming in to give input or even let us know they are looking into it.
Cheap cameras = cheap support.


I tried different brands and I know for a fact that it is not the type of SD cards used. It is the cameras. Don’t think tou will get much out of their tech support. Wyze definitely knew these issues and just kept very quiet of it. I don’t trust this chinese company.


Yeah I was going to buy some of their new pan version 3 cameras but I don’t think I’m going to buy anymore, I’m done.
Especially with all the security risks that they were all quiet about and how some websites now are saying they no longer can recommend Wyze as a reputable company.

Having the exact same issues as everyone here. Wyze is close to losing another customer. I have 8 of their cameras and at least half have run into this issue.

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With that said, the hand picked forum mavens will be the first to tell you uSD card failures are rare provided you buy a quality uSD card.

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I dunno. I have 7 v3’s for two years now, Only 1 SD card failure and that happened last month. I also have a couple of v3 pros a several other cameras. I have never had to power cycle any of them.

I have had 3 high end SanDisk cards die on me.

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I’m now up to 44 Wyze cameras - the earliest dating back almost five years. Over that time I have had a few uSD cards fail. Almost all that failed were NOT High Endurance cards. Since I started using HE cards about four years ago, I have had exactly one fail. I am exclusively using SanDisk 64GB High Endurance cards.

Hello, jdnobil. in responce to post No. 33.
The power plug is a great idea but subject to the same internet whims that the cameras are,

All of my outside cameras attached to the house are powered by voltage splitters/taps to my 12-volt CCTV power. There are plenty of these splitters available on the web. When a Wyze camera must be recycled, I flip off the controlling CCTV camera it is drawing power from. Of course, some of the CCTV power supplies had to be upgraded to a higher amperage version.
In some instances for hard-to-reach inside cameras that are not drawing CCTV power, I have flipped off the house circuit breaker that it draws power from, of course, I do have t reset some clocks afterward.

This first picture is of the power bars controlling my CCTV cameras, digital recorders, motion sensors, and monitors.

This picture is of typical power splitter arrangements.

Some outside hookups.

This last picture is of the power splitters I used, note they are actually called by a different name.
U Capture 12v to 5v converter.

Whoa, that’s quite a bit more intensive than the average installation.

Have you, or have you considered a power conditioner?

I required them for enlargers performing critical color copying when I owned a commercial photo lab. Any minor fluctuations in voltage would alter the color output of a halogen light source… Undetectable by the human eye, but not the film and chemistry.

Maybe voltage spikes or transients are at fault?

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Great idea, I hadn’t thought of it before.

I hope it works for you. Look forward to a future post…

Contributing my SD card history. Hope it helps.

I buy SanDisk memory cards because SanDisk controls their own manufacturing process from silicon chip to firmware, and it’s all done by them in-house.

Specifically for my Wyze v3 cams, I’ve had SanDisk Ultra A1 Class 10 128GB (about $15 each) in continuous operation recording 24/7 since early 2020, no problems yet. These are not “high endurance.”

I’ve been using Onn Brand Micro SD cards purchased from Walmart for 4 years in my 7 Wyze Cams (all versions) and surprisingly haven’t had any issues. I was even using 64gb sd cards when Wyze was only advising the use o 32gb cards. The Onn brand is relatively inexpensive but they have worked well for me.

I have used the V3 several years without problem with SD cards. I bought the Pan V3 and couldn’t get it to work. Tried formatting in app and PC. The cameras could find the cards but not possible to see video even if it did show motion.
I did then try to format the cards in an old android phone… Worked perfect! Even with a noname card. Try if this works for all of you who have problems with SD cards

Never had to format or reformat any SanDisk cards. I just set up a new v3 (non-Pan) I got in the mail along with a new SD card. I took them both out of their boxes, put the SD card in before turning the v3 on for the first time, it detected and used the card with zero effort on my part.

Tried with a new SanDisk card first and it didn’t work in the pan V3

I only use the expansive name brand high performance cards rated over the needed specifications for the cameras and will as with as high of a capacity as the camera will accept.

I could care less about having a month or recordings. I want the cards to be as reliable (excessive bandwidth overhead) on a daily to day basis and last as long as possible (reduced rewrites to same same location.) Not to mention the possibly of be usable on the next gen camera.

This means the cards cost as much as the camera if not more but it’s still cheap considering what you.