Where is the privacy? ( audio )

My Privacy in my home is violated. I turn off all sound settings and microphone and the camera still records sound. I have it in the window looking out but inside. When I turn off sound I want the videos without it.

I dont need some one listening in on my girls playing.


I have several days listening to very low voices and noises in the background (interference) in the app of those cameras. I thought the Wyze brand was safe to be inside the house and the kids but I think not.

Confirming if you mean that it RECORDS sound or the mic is hot when watching live? The setting for Records Sound on the Advanced menu only controls recording to the uSD card. That does not control live viewing.
As far as I know, the only way to completely disable sound is to remove the mic from the camera. On both the V2 and V3 cameras, it is quite easy to remove the camera. I don’t know about an of the others. In the case of the V2, the normal method is a permanent removal. In the case of the V3 it is a plug that can later be plugged back in. Do a search on YouTube to learn how to remove the mic.

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I mean I hear sound behind as if someone is watching us. The safety of my house and the children with that camera is compromised.

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With All Wyze’s Security Issues I would never put a camera indoors.