Where I can buy more "Cable Guides" for USB flat cables?

Hi guy,

Where I can buy more “Cable Guides” for Wyze USB flat cable? The mounting kit only comes with 6 per kit but the cable is very long. I need more. I went to the hardware store and no one have that kind of size and shape. They are too big or not flat to hold the Wyze USB flat cable tight.

Wyze cam v1/v2 don’t even come with any “Cable Guides”.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

These will work.
or these:

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Sorry, this doesn’t nail in. Doesn’t work so well.


I bought this and this is almost perfect except it is twice as tall, meant they can fit 2 cables.
But it is flat and 6mm. So, it works. If anyone can find the “shorter” one that like Wyze provided, please share.

@pkhliu Those clips work well. I use those quite often and you can file/sand those down to make a tighter fit.

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file/snad down!! Why I didn’t think of that!
Thank you for the suggestion!


You’re welcome!