NEW: Wyze Cam Mounting Kit

Need an extra mounting plate? Wyze has you covered. The Wyze Cam Mounting Kit comes with a 5-foot extension cable and an extra mounting plate so your Wyze Cam is left hanging, not you. Available now:


WOOOOOOOOO! I am so excited about this!!

I was excited about this too, especially since I just ordered 2 more cams and have rather high locations planned for them. Literally sold out in 3 days though. Really?! Why would you roll out a new product and not have enough to even last 3 days? Not very well planned imho…

I guess I’ll just get a couple of USB extension cables from Amazon and use the 2 leftover mounting pads from my GoPro… not waiting until mid-May to put up my new cams.

Really love the cameras! But a little disappointed in the rollout of the mounting kits.

I am just as shocked as you are about it! I don’t think any of us expected them to sell so fast! I know the fulfillment team is working as fast as they can to get them back in stock.

Not sure what you mean by “rather high locations”. The extension is 5ft (claimed). The cord with the camera is longer (about 6ft). But that is still only 11 feet.

If you need something longer RickO has had good luck with Monoprice extension cables. Monoprice is great if you can get enough to spread out the shipping costs. If you are buying a single cable you can use the shipping estimator to find out how much it will cost. For me it would be $2.49 (Ohio).

If you’re in a pinch you can probably just get some large washers and some 3m tape at home depot

Any idea when these kits will be back in stock?

We’re optimistic about mid-May. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter we will be sending out an update once we’re back in stock!

How about a “stable position” mount. Don’t care as much on how it works, but the magnet approach leaves too many opportunities for shifting the camera. It makes removing the SD card a guaranteed resetting of your view and a simple tug on the power cable can do the same. Also of note, if you use the magnet mount on a ceiling or wall with vibration (mine is due to air handling unit), the camera is like to fall off.

It seems like there is an opportunity for a slide in style mount considering the edge condition of the current grey base. I don’t 3D print, but I could design something if someone else wants to produce it. It could even have an embedded medal plate to take advantage of the magnet (a belt & suspenders approach).

You’re correct that our mount does not stabilize the position of the camera if it’s tugged at the cable. One thing this new mount does address is that it comes with a pre-drilled hole in the middle and included screw so you can mount to your ceiling without worry of it detaching due to vibration.

It doesn’t though. It isn’t about preventing the mount from detaching. It is about preventing the magnet from losing grip on the plate. The VHB tape that comes with the mounting kit is as strong as you can get with adhesives. You would be more likely to tear the paper off of dry wall than have the plate detach from the tape. Unless there is now to be a hole in the camera base, you premise that this screw will prevent a tug of the cord from shifting the camera shows a lack of understanding about how the product (the mount that is) works.

I see what you’re saying now, thanks for clarifying.

About the VHB tape that comes with the mounting kit, I did not realize that it was that strong and I added to a window, now I am wondering how to remove it when I want to relocate it, what is the easiest way?

Take a piece of dental floss, slip it under the edge of the disc and cut through the adhesive using a sawing motion. Remove the residual residue using Goo Gone or similar.