Any word on when the PanCam mounting kit will be back?

I did some searching but didn’t see anything about this. I would love to get the Pan Cam but really no sense if I can’t get the mounting kit as well. Any one have any idea when they will be back?
Thanks very much.

It is currently available

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Thank you my friend but I’m afraid it’s not. There is no way to put it in the cart and on some different pages it says out of stock. I know it’s available on amazon but for 5$ more,
I’d rather get it here any way. Thanks again.

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I signed in and did some further checking And you are right This is what I got.

  • “1 item from your previous order is currently unavailable and could not be added to your cart.”

maybe @WyzeGwendolyn Will chime in and Have an answer


Thank you so much for helping, it’s appreciated. Yep, maybe our Gwendolyn will get back to us.

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Your Gwendolyn has arrived! Thank you for your patience. We’re waiting on the new stock but it should be here soon. I’d recommend checking in about 4-7 days. :slight_smile:

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By the way My daughters Pan Cam Mount Is working fine still in one piece, she is happy she even bought another one.
Thanks again Gwen

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Excellent! I’m so happy to hear it! :smiley:

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There are many better, stronger, less expensive mounts out there.
Some come with water resistant housings.
Also you can get some mounts without the unnecessary extra usb cable. Unless you need it.

Just do an Amazon search for “wyze cam pan mounting kit”.

Thank you Gwendolyn!! Good to at least have a idea of when I can get the whole thing at once.
Thanks to azwayneb I will take a look for sure but I would much rather support our little company here and I will tell ya that the prices they charge here are well within reasonable for the quality they are putting out. But I always like to keep an open mind. :slight_smile: