Where can i find WAPMK - wyze cam pan mounting kit for v1 and v2?

Why can I only find WAPMK on ebay? not even the wyze store online, or amazon?

Just gave 8 of my WCPv1 cameras away to a non-profit, and they want to mount them up high. Need WAPMK to do this, or I see some selling ‘aftermarket’ knock-off brackets.

Thoughts, wizards and forum friends?

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As you have already discovered, it doesn’t appear to be available anymore in the Wyze store or on Amazon. This is most likely because they have already depleted existing stock and have no intentions of making more.

With the release of the PanV3, the PanV1 and PanV2 have become obsolete. It is most likely for the same reason you can’t buy a PanV1 in the Wyze Store and only 13 are left on Amazon, when they’re gone, they’re gone. I would suspect that the PanV2 will soon suffer the same fate.

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Did they sell a pan v2 mount, or was that the same as the pan v1 mount?

I remember hearing that the Cam V3 and the Pan v2 have the same camera stuff inside. Did I hear correctly?

The nightvision on the Cam OG and the Cam v3 are insanely better.

With all the problems I keep hearing about with the PanV3, I will pass on that for now, but once kinks worked out, will likely get one or the vNext of them.

Have about 5 of the PanV2; gave many PanV1 away this past week and will wait to upgrade.

I believe they were the same mount since they both employ the same form factor. I only have the PanV1 on a mount.

I believe there are similarities in the components, specifically the starlight sensor, however I would speculate there are more differences than similarities given the PanV2’s added features and power requirements. I haven’t taken the time to do a side by side component comparison of tear down videos. Not really sure what purpose that would serve.

Wise decision. Stay tuned.

I had ordered this mount around the same time I bought my Pan Cam v.2 during the 2022 Black Friday sale but then there were “shipping delays” and eventually it just got canceled. Here is product documentation page but it does not appear in the Wyze store any longer :grimacing:. I like the hinge feature and no other models I can find out there have a similar feature


I got mine when I bought my PanV1. I don’t know if it is just out of stock and awaiting restock or if it has been discontinued. Going to ask around.