Where are big files stored on Android?

My phone is filling up.
It’s only got 32GB of memory.
The Android “App Info” reports 1. 86 GB used in internal storage after clearing cache.
Does anyone know what the directory path is where the Wyze app stores stuff?

The cache and data files are saved in the protected Android\Data\com.hualai folder.

Snapshots are saved to the Wyze folder of DCIM and Videos to the Wyze Video folder of Movies.

To keep my phone memory tidy, I have an SD Card mounted in the second slot that I use to automatically move Wyze images and video over to the SD Card using a sync program.


Thanks, Still have not found the 1GB plus problem

Not really sure what files Android is including in the “User Files” or if it includes files outside the com.hualai folder, like the pics, video, or timelapse files, or Root files with the app.

Quite a mystery.

For example… Android shows my Cache as 162MB and User Data as 117MB. But the com.hualai folder in total is only 68MB in total. The in App Cache is only 20.73MB. But, clearing the cache thru the app made absolutely no change to the com.hualai folder, but it did reduce the Android reported Cache size to 140MB.

I have also noticed the Wyze app appears to misreport the size of the “cache”
I use SystemPanel 2 to manage apps and their cache and data storage.
SystemPanel 2 reports 285MB in the cache:

But the app only shows 43.66MB:

Clearing the cache in the app is only partially effective. The typical difference is about 3:1.
Also the data portion for the app can grow considerably is you do a lot of timelapses like I do. And be advised that includes failed downloads of TL video. I had over 2 GB in there at one time because of multiple failed downloads. But that is another problem. :unamused:

I think the discrepancy between the Wyze App reported Cache and that which is reported by Android or a 3rd party utility is that the Wyze App is only reporting and allowing the user to clear a specifically identified “safe” segment of the cache particular to the in app UX rather than the entire “Android” Wyze App Cache.

Clearing the cache in the app and clearing the cache in the OS results in a vast difference in the data cleared, but it also significantly changes the UX when done. It is sort of like the difference between a “quick” clear and a full delete.

@SlabSlayer Understood about there being different “segments” of cache. I still believe the 3:1 difference is a little excessive, hence why I use a 3rd party app.
FWIW I have deleted cache’s using both methods and can’t see much if any difference in the user experience.
Deleting the “data” on the other hand takes the app back to a new install. It was my only recourse when dealing with all of the aforementioned failed downloads.

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