When is Wyze going to come out with a tamper proof outdoor domed security camera?

When is Wyze going to come out with a tamper proof outdoor domed security camera?

I haven’t heard anything about this, but you can use the #wishlist to suggest this camera.

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Since Wyze likes to disrupt the market with cams that cost considerably less than the competition, this might be something they can work on given the expensive nature of those units.

But, in reality, the only tamper proof cam is the one installed out of reach of a tall neerdowell with a heavy stick.

has anyone ever shared videos of their camera being stolen or vandalized? I thought most of that video wouldn’t be captured. Maybe WCO if within the minute mark it gets sent to the base, or if more than 12 seconds is captured and uploads to the cloud?

Yes. Wyze has highlighted in their newsletter the videos of several witless wonders removing cams thinking they were removing the evidence. Since the user was a Cam Plus subscriber, the up close full facial video was online for the entire world to see.


Link to those videos/newsletters?

Guessing those were not outdoor cams?

Someone said that the outdoor writes every one minute to the SD card.

Is that true of all the cameras?

No. I get them by email and they were some time in the past. I don’t know if Wyze even archives them. It was part of their User Video of the Month segment.


Not every minute for the WCO, only those activated by PIR motion. The WCO sleeps between events. All the wired cams, if set to record to the SD, will record every minute…

All SD Card Video recorded, be it continuous (non-WCO cams) or motion activated is saved to the SD Card card in 1 minute MP4 files.

With SD Card Recording enabled, the wired cam is always recording 24\7. If the wited cam is set to continuous, it saves every 1 minute MP4 video, indexed from the 00.00 second mark, to the SD Card “record” folder, date folder YYYYMMDD, and hour folder 00-23, named by the minute 00-59.

If the wired cam is set to record only motion events to the SD Card, it only saves those 1 minute MP4 files that have motion detected within them and discards the rest.

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guess what I’m asking is
you have an outdoor camera.
you have it set to continuous record.
you have it set to record events
you have it set to notify

someone walks up, picks up your device from the back, walks away with it, it detects motion, it starts to record (or is already recording to the SD drive) and when it loses network connection, that’s that.

When you get home that night you see the notification, you try the live video, you don’t get any, you see your camera is physically missing, you then look at events…what should you expect to see, and what do you actually see in the events?

Continuous record is an SD card function. Since the SD card walked away with the perp, it is a moot point.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is triggered by a PIR motion sensor which starts to record and uploads the video to the cloud.

Wired Wyze cams are triggered by image pixelation changes in the FOV. When triggered it begins the upload.

Once the power is disconnected, the upload stops and the video ends.

On Cam Plus, the notification for the motion or AI should be within seconds of the upload starting. I get notifications of AI events from between 3 and 12 seconds after detection, not when I get home at night. Notifications are sent from the server as a result of the upload.

Even if the cam is removed, I am notified within seconds of a person in the FOV. Because I have near 360° coverage with overlapping FOV. I can simply listen to the sounds of my notifications coming in (I have a different notification tone for every cam and every type of AI) and can tell you where on the property the person originated, the direction of travel, and the approximate speed at which they are traveling. Most of my cams and their power sources are out of reach without a ladder. However, if someone were to approach one of my cams and try to remove it, they would have already been tagged by one or two other cams and would have had their approach to the stolen cam uploaded as a motion or AI event.

As an example, I am able to live stream delivery drivers and two way audio with them before they ever reach my delivery door. They have to pass a PanV3, a V3, and a doorbell cam before they come into view of another V3 and PanV3 on their way to the V3Pro at the door. I know when they are on the way to the door because I get the first three notifications in sequence on approach. I am able to initiate the V3Pro live stream before the second V3\PanV3 notifications come in and they reach the V3Pro. If any one of them, or a perp, were to take my V3Pro, which can be reached, I already have them on 5 other cams and on the V3Pro Cloud Event Videos.

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Intense setup.

I’ve done all I can to prevent them from overlapping on purpose. At night when the IR turns on I don’t want that weird glare thing to happen.


You need to set them up so they are just on the edge of seeing each other and you will cover pretty much the full field of view. I have these two cameras looking toward each other so opposite views are caught and you can’t really sneak up on either one.

It’s a fun game to play in adjusting them. But you can get darn close to covering the entire area. On the top camera right near where it says backyard you can just start to see the glow of the IR

And for something like this you would have to come through either of my side yards to get to the backyard so other cameras would capture a perp as well

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Like @Bam, I have mine also overlapping FOV, but not seeing the actual cam. The PanV3 create a challenge there because the tracking may push them to far into the next zone. I have IR Floodlights accompanying many of my cams, so it is possible to blind the PanV3 if it goes too far. It would be beneficial to have FOV limiter settings on the PanV3 Tracking feature.

But, since the PanV3 Tracking feature has never worked properly, that feature is currently off.

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