When are you going to fix the "no cooldown" problem with the Outdoor V2 Cam? This has been an issue for several months now. Ever since your last update

Still no Cooldown on V2

Last time this was addressed was 15 March 24 and is not on the known issues list either :angry:

As you guys may have noticed, since I made that post I have been silent on this issue that I brought up myself. Reason being is that I have since approx Presidents’ Day (I’ll explain later), I switched my cameras to a ring stick up cam solar/plug in.

Reason why I said specifically Presidents’ Day is that they had a sale for them for 69.99 a pop. So far so good. I only had to replace one of them because for some reason it was draining a lot of battery even on solar. The customer service was so vastly different.

What is also great is that when you subscribe to the ring subscription service, it includes EXTENDED WARRANTY on all your Ring cameras. I wish Wyze had that.

I can now be free of the “1 minute cooldown” limit. Fortunately also for the solar panel that I got, it was from a 3rd party BUT I only had to replace the Wyze solar panel with my ring 3rd party panel BUT. I was still able to use the same stand/attachment from the Wyze solar panel lol.

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I experience the same issue as those chatting here. I set to no cooldown and the next time I check it is reset to 1 minute. This negates my need for the outdoor camera as it will only capture the initial vehicle entry to my property. The vehicle stops and the camera stops recording. In the meantime the vehicle occupants have left the vehicle and walked onto my property. This offers no security whatsoever. Can anyone suggest an alternative camera system? I am pretty fed up with the lack of response from Wyze to offer a fix.

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Just go on head and get a ring stick up cam lol. I got mine on sale when it was 69.99

This really sucks. I hadn’t noticed it until I saw the posts. Thank you! I have 4 Outdoor V2 and all doing the same. I immediately checked my Battery Cam Pro’s because I have 4 of those now but luckily they are still set to no cooldown. Wonder if it has to do with the bases? These were relatively expensive cams requiring the additional base(s). Two in my case, so Wyze should have been on this ASAP. Not acceptable. These Outdoors are mostly useless to me as well. This is our security. It keeps our property and families safe. Has there been any acknowledgment by Wyze? How can it not be on their known issues list? It’s pretty simple to verify. For now, since I have Solar Panels too, I’ve set my Maximum Video Length to 5 Mins and hope it does stop if no movement is detected and that cooldown completes before whoever it might be comes back into view. Sadly, jozefd14 is probably on the right track. What good is a security camera if it takes a break on its own? We all understand things can go wrong or things can be missed but they should be addressed and admitted to immediately so we are aware of vulnerabilities. My only saving grace is that I have 41 Wyze Cams, 6 Blinks, and a 6-cam IP cam system so I have them in every window, under eaves, and some Battery Cams strategically placed outside so there’s nowhere that isn’t covered by multiple cameras but my setup isn’t typical, nor should it be.

Check out Ring and Tapo. The quality of Ring’s cameras and their customer service is miles ahead of Wyze. The downside is not as many bells and whistles as Wyze. But they work.

Tapo has similar bells and whistles, picture quality is about the same, but you get full AI detection, no cooldown periods, and full SD card recording without any subscription required. Although you can still get a subscription which gives you a few features like cloud storage, rich notifications, sorting of recorded events.