What's this 'Event Report' update at 8am & 12am?

What’s this Event Report screen for? And how do I access it if it’s 4pm and there’s no “Event Report update” notification in the app, which is the only way I know to get to it. You have to wait until after 12am or 8am to see this page currently. That’s when the notification appears. So if I look at it once at 12:15am, how do I look at it a 2nd time before 8am? Currently, I can’t get to it without the notification in this first screenshot, which appears twice a day and that’s it.

So what is this? Why can’t I find any, documentation online about it? I’ve looked through recent topics in every Wyze group I’m part of; Facebook, here, and even reddit and there’s no mention of this by anyone except me.

So…?? I know I can’t be the only one who has this page? Thanks.


Event Report is apparently a new feature available to select beta users via the current beta app. We’re wondering the same as you and have no guidance on use. Some beta users have detailed stats, some (including me) have limited stats, some have none, some have no access to this feature. I see only occasional data that doesn’t match actual stats and stats for cams that are not even powered on:

You can disable the feature if it’s bothersome: Wyze app home > Account > Notifications > App Discovery > Event Reports > toggle off/on

@IEatBeans is seeing detailed stats and may be able to shed some light on this beta subject.


Yea, interesting feature, but definitely still beta.

It will tell you info on when packages were delivered and picked up and other stuff like that.

Please post if you see anything else in there, we’re as curious as you :slight_smile:


I still don’t see the option for the Event Reports… How do I get it?

If I logon with my other account, it does show. Same App, Same Device, just a different account. :frowning:


Seems they are rolling it out to a few accounts.


Seems odd that they would pick an account with only 2 headphones on it. :slight_smile:


Yea lol, the event report is probably full of data!


I see occasional incorrect stats on the bar graphs, but nothing for Insights. I have over 30 active cams with thousands of AI events per day. Confused… :confused:

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Yea, the stuff on the graphs is very inaccurate lol. Says like 3 mins of event video today on one cam lol

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I think the rollout of this feature is akin to the WCO battery stats. When WCO battery usage stats were 1st pushed to beta, the stats were not real (they are now). I think Wyze is just looking for our feedback… without asking for it. :grin: I can’t tell if the feature is useful without seeing what the Insights section provides.


I did post this in the correct place right? Or did I miss the Beta section somehow?

How does it tell that packages have been delivered, etc? Do you have ‘Home Monitoring’ active? I don’t. Mine appears to only show “x mins of video” or whatever it says. It didn’t start registering anything at all until I went into the “Home Monitoring” tab, went to one of those event clips, and submitted it to wyze. It’s similar to how you send standard clips to them, but just a little different.

You can see the screens I used to get there below. Click the “Monitoring” tab and then click ‘More’ in the “Security Camera” section. Pull up any of those clips that come up and tap the screen, then click ‘Submit Event’ in the top right of the vid. And forward one or more to Wyze like you do with standard clips.

I’m guessing it’s randomly rolled out to people. I only knew about it because I saw the notification on the main page of the app and clicked it because I was curious as to what it was. It just said ‘Event Report Updated’ at 8am and 12am or something. So I cli ked it to see what it was, then, couldn’t find it again.

Had to wait until midnight, when I got the next update. That’s been my main question since I’ve found it initially…

How do I pull it up between 8am and 12am if I’ve already clicked the notification? As far as I can tell, there’s no way to get to it except for when it updates and notifies you that it updated.

Has anyone else figured out how to access that screen outside of the 8am & 12am notifications? What if I want to look at it again? How do I access it because I can’t seem to find a way.



did this update kill 2 more sd cards of mine ? I can’t format them … when I pop it to Windows it wants to repair it … when it does I can’t reformat it … I see update log opened it and I see failed …on the formatted info … who do I send this to to analyze?

This thread is not about a app or firmware update.

You may need to delete the partitions and create a new primary partition in windows for it to recognize the card. Sometimes other devices that the card was previously used in can cause issues with this stuff.

If the firmware update failed, try it again, and give it some time.

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thanks … but card came with the cam … where should I post this or should I start a new thread …

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Thank you for the instructions on how to disable this; my Event Report had basically no useful or interesting data in it but there it was, every time I opened the app, taking up space.

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