Event Report

What is the purpose of the weekly event reports? There is nothing ever posted in mine.

The report contains trend data/analyses. If you see a vertical bar on a date, tap the bar for details. If there is nothing abnormal, tapping the bar will note that in the Insights section below. If you have no bars, there is not enough data to compile. Tap the info icon (circle with “i”) in the upper right corner for more info.

In a future release (currently in beta testing), tapping an Insights item will take you directly to the event data related to the Insights item:


Thanks. But I never see anything posted.


Event Reports

So, I get these event reports about twice a week. What are they for? What value is there for them? I never see any info of value.


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I give a more in-depth response to this here:

Note that it’s even better now than when I explained things in that answer. I hope it continues to evolve and progress. It’s not for everyone, but some people find it to be fairly useful.
I don’t use it every single day, but I do use it on some of my cams fairly regularly just to get an overview of when something is abnormal and gives me an indication I might want to check it out.

I still wish I could get notifications about it when a particular camera is showing abnormal activity.

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