What's the best/most efficient way to notify the Web content team of errors?

When I find content-related problems on the site, I’d like to quickly notify whoever is responsible for that content so that it can be corrected, but I don’t know the best way to do that. I’ve read @peepeep’s post about e-mailing customer support, and that’s what I’ve done previously. In the most recent incident (for which I still have an open ticket), the Wyze Wizard responded with this:

Please know that our web team does not handle direct email correspondence, I want to assure you that we have forwarded your concern to our engineering team for further investigation.

I reported a broken link in a support article. This isn’t an engineering problem. It should be a simple fix for whoever owns that Web content.

Is contacting Wyze Support the accepted/correct way to bring these kinds of issues to Wyze’s attention? It seems inefficient, and I don’t have much confidence that the concern is being directed to the proper party or parties. I’m really just looking for advice here.

Please accept my apologies if this belongs in the Services & Integrations or Tips & Tricks category. I tried to use the website tag in creating this post, but neither those nor the Watercooler category accepts that.

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Well, a long time ago (2019-20) when their web-support-site / product-&-services-documentation was nascent, I made a bit of noise on the forum making constructive suggestions - especially regarding graphic, diagrammatic, schematic depiction.

Like, they should have a lot more of that since at that time they had virtually none.

It was sort of well-received and no one suggested I offer it anywhere else so I would say tentatively it’s ok to post it here, if that’s what you’re asking.

Exactly where I don’t know. :slight_smile:

That’s not really what I’m asking, but I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

When I’ve been responsible for Web content in the past, I’ve tried to make myself easily available in case there’s a problem that I can remedy, because I want the content to be accurate and minimize user frustration, and if there’s an issue I’d like to have it brought to my attention quickly, even if it’s a minor thing. I feel like a public-facing Web site is part of a company’s official communication, and it should be as error-free as possible. I’m just not finding an easy way to point these things out to Wyze so that they can quickly fix them for all users/customers.

Hey Crease

The question you ask is reasonable and constructive. Hopefully a Maven, Mod or Staff person will weigh in. :slight_smile:

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@Crease , Please provide a link to he page and what link is not working. I will see if I can get some eyes on it for you.


Thanks for taking a look at this. Here’s what I originally submitted to Support:

The “What is Wyze Web View?” article (https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410968629275-What-is-Wyze-Web-View) has at least one broken link. On the point #1 line, the text “supported browser” links to https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411015578011, but clicking on that generates an error: “The page you were looking for doesn’t exist”.

I know it’s not a huge problem, because the information in question is actually found further down on the page, but…

  1. the broken link is out there, so presumably someone responsible for that content would be interested in fixing that, and
  2. there should be a streamlined communication channel for addressing these kinds of issues, no matter how minor.

I understand that they’re not going to suggest a “webmaster[at]wyze[dot]com” public e-mail address because of the need to monitor that and the potential for spam, but there doesn’t even appear to be an appropriate choice for selecting a ticket to direct a message to the Web content folk from the Support site, and that’s frustrating.

Thanks, seeing if I can get eyes on this.

You’re welcome. I appreciate it.

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Saw that this is being escalated to be corrected. Just wanted to make sure you were informed.

I appreciate the follow-up.

Is submitting a ticket through Support the correct/established way to make Wyze aware of these things? Posting about them here is certainly easier, but I realize this isn’t the official channel for Support, and Web site issues seem like they’d be handled best in direct, private communication.

I would open a ticket with Wyze and also post it in the forums and one of the Mods or Mavens will run across it. If you yet a ticket number, you can provide it here.

Mods and Mavens are all over the forums helping out when they can, so one of us will certainly run across it and escalate it when we can.

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Thanks for the information.

I’d think that expanding the categories in the ticketing system would be the way to go, because (depending on the system) relevant issues could be more appropriately routed to the responsible parties. (Here I’m assuming that rational users are opening tickets and making sensible choices when creating tickets.) As it is, I find dealing directly with Support rather frustrating, because the initial response (and sometimes subsequent responses, as well) often seems to be from someone who gives the impression that the ticket wasn’t read or understood, even when sufficient information is provided at the time the ticket was submitted. I can see where that might be a training issue, and appropriately routing the tickets would (at least theoretically) allow at least some of those customer issues to bypass the first tier “Wizards” who are likely just following scripts.

Call me crazy, but I like to think that I exercise some critical thinking if I’m going to attempt to help someone solve a problem, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect thoughtful responses from support personnel.

In case it matters, the issue that sparked this post is Wyze Ticket 3767009.

I understand what you are saying, please keep in mind this is a User to User Forum and Wyze employees may or may not be present at times. As a moderator, I can get things escalated but it helps to have a ticket number.

If you post it here or within the forum, a number of us will be notified and look into it. Normally, things like this will be passed on quickly so that it can be corrected. So at a minimum, post it in the forum with enough information to get to the section which would need to be corrected. Having a Ticket Number allows us to get things escalated a bit easier as Wyze would have a record of it already.

But what you posted here wored well and it is being looked at.

I’m aware of that. I do occasionally see Wyze employees chime in with responses to topics, but my expectation from the Forum is interaction with other users (and I’m also using some space here to vent/suggest with the hope that someone at Wyze will consider this an area for process improvement).

Thank you again for your thoughtful responses. I genuinely appreciate your time with this.

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my pleasure.

I linked your post above so that Wyze can see wat is up as well. So there is a good chance that a Wyze Employee will be here and see it.

Feel free to vent, your suggestions are valid.

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Thanks again. I appreciate the validation. :wink:


Two weeks later, I still haven’t received a response from Wyze regarding my questions, and the link is still broken. I just replied to Wyze Support’s last message requesting an update, but I’m not hopeful about any sort of meaningful response. Unfortunately, seeing Wyze Wizards drop the ball on tickets seems to be an all-too-common occurrence.

I understand that a single broken link isn’t a major issue, so it might seem like I’m making too much of this, but the fact that it’s not a major issue is kind of the point: It shouldn’t take two weeks and tagging the “engineering team” to remedy a simple Web content issue. That’s ridiculous. From a customer perspective, it feels like a completely broken process, and it does the opposite of inspiring confidence in the abilities of Wyze Support to effectively resolve issues.

I like Wyze, and I genuinely want them to be better than this.

I will reach out again. However, nothing will probably get done tonight as they are working on an outage.

Oh, I totally understand that. Priorities. I’m following that thread, as well.

I appreciate your reaching out, and I hope that your doing so will encourage someone with authority to examine and improve (hopefully sooner than later) what feels like flawed processes…or at least begin that sort of program.

EDIT: I now see that I’ve received an automated response via e-mail that

You have replied to a closed ticket.


I understand that tickets shouldn’t remain in a system in perpetuity, but when I ask what I believe are valid questions, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect answers to those questions before a ticket is closed. In addition to looking incompetent, that just presents as rather rude.

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Just posted again and referenced the original where it got escalated.

Appreciate you pointing these things out.

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