How to generate a POST ! Help WYZE and users/customer's Help You!

Here is a simple format to follow that will make it simple to communicate to ALL users with starting basic information supplied by you, the users.

  1. Date: 12/30/2022 Time: 01:22 PM
  2. Model #Wyze Robot Vacuum 200S SN# or MAC#: 12C345DFG22A
    3 Firmware Version: 1.6.306
    This will not only help you but other people to provide better and faster help. Please bear with me on this example:

The customer Posted - “My vacuum system won’t return to charge!”
Reader posts back: What’s the model type and number?
The customer reply back 3 hrs later, it is a 200s
Reader replies back to this! 2hr’s later: what firmware version software are you using ?
The customer 2 hr’s later replying to questions 1.6.312
Reader’s Response back to you 3 hrs later, You need a firmware update before proceeding forward for a fix… LOOK how much wasted time and how large the message now has 10/20 people trying to help your issues.
So please use this guide to help yourself and others. I would like WYZE to have a form-like to make it easier for troubleshooting problems.
Hope this Helps ALL and have a happy New Year… Capt. Rob


That is a useful suggestion that would make both customer and reader more effective with communication.

Keep in mind that the forums are not an extension of support though. It is primarily a customer to customer discussion area where we come to share ideas and talk about things related to Wyze, but the Wyze Support team does not have an active presence here.
When someone is having a support issue, they should generally be encouraged to contact Wyze’s official customer support to get official help and support from the people who are trained to provide the proper troubleshooting steps from an organized template and who will generally have the latest official information on common issues and patterns being reported by their customers, as well as what seems to have helped resolve those issues. For that reason, Wyze generally wants to encourage people to use their official support team, rather than think of the community forums/social media as official support.

Having said that, we do like to help people when we know the answers and save support from being overwhelmed with things that are simple to answer, so an organized response can be helpful, though most everyone in here are just users or volunteers who are users themselves just like everyone else. Nonetheless, it might be helpful for people to ask multiple questions all at once in the same post. In the above example, the original poster could post all the relevant info in their initial post. Also, the reader who responds can ask all their questions in their initial reply too: “What model do you have? What Firmware are you on? What OS? What App version? When did this start happening? Have you contacted support yet, and what did they tell you?” Among many other potentially relevant questions.

But again, in this case, if the customer needs timely responses instead of intermittent responses which may take hours in-between comments, I would strongly encourage them not to use the forum as support and to instead contact the official Wyze Support directly by phone or chat during the above listed hours of operation so things can be resolved with quick responses and the official latest information. The forums are more of a convenience, and not intended to be an extension of support, though there are many experienced and knowledgeable users present, so I love to come here to hear their insights…but when I have serious or urgent issues, I always contact support.

Regardless of the above, it may be reassuring to know that Wyze does actually implement a few things similar to what is being requested here.

First option is with the chat bot on the support page. Just select this icon at the bottom right of the screen:

Wyze now has a partnership with the company Solvvy which has designed this system like is being suggested here. They have programmed it with a series of template outcomes or what is called “Workflows” based on the customer’s responses to create customized solutions for complex customer questions. The more that people use it, the more it will improve and the more workflows Wyze can add to help it do exactly as is being requested here with NO WAIT TIMES and be much more effective for everyone now and more in the future allowing people to receive resolutions quickly and easily. In some cases it can recognize what the issue is and can give the exact troubleshooting steps to fix a problem someone is having, or give info about what is going on. It will continue to get better at this over time.

It can also direct someone right to customer service. For example, if you open the chat bot and type in “Contact Support”

Wyze is also testing out a new “Smart Support” system in the app that they would like to expand. In the App Account tab, under support, some people are able to use an option called “Smart Support” which is a pilot program. In there, a person will be able to select a common issue they may be experiencing and the “Smart Support” is actually able to walk them through the issue and help them fix the problem directly in the app. It’s a cool format that I hope they can expand.

While I am glad Wyze is working on improving better Workflows and walkthroughs, I am glad they still make it easy to get instant help from a human by phone or chat, and I also love that the forums and other community platforms are available for us to discuss things with other users because discussing ideas with other users is one of my favorite things to do. But definitely, for anyone having serious issues or concerns, PLEASE contact support directly to get immediate help.

For any users or volunteers in the forums, your help and thoughts are greatly appreciated in here, and I do like the idea of trying cover more details and questions in the initial posts so there are fewer delays in helping someone get what they’re looking for in a more timely and organized way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts stargazerlinh.