EMAIL Customer Support - Direct Path 2023

I haven’t done this in a LONG time but when I do email’s my preference so I thought I’d see how direct a path one can take to that in 2023.

Start here:




  • Go to
  • Click Let’s Chat
  • Type “email support”
  • Select Create ticket
  • Select Email
  • Select Wyze Wizards

via @carverofchoice :+1:


Look at you trying to be all helpful. Are you gunning for a good excuse to wear one of those Maven hats you made?


Lol, I’m not worthy. Truly. :rofl:

I have a very narrow window of competence. And I stick to it.

Mavens are AMBITIOUS. They can’t wait for the next product, feature or problem to develop so they can OWN it. :grin:




Lol, what?, ‘email is’, email’s.

Invalid contraction? :laughing:


Since you asked, my Froggy friend…grammatically, “email’s” technically works in that context:

I haven’t [contacted support] in a LONG time, but when I do [contact support], [email is] my preference

Can be written as you did:

But adding commas will help ensure that someone doesn’t misread the syntax:

I haven’t done this in a LONG time, but when I do, email’s my preference

This is slightly closer to what you intended, but also not exactly:

I haven’t done this in a LONG time but when I do email, it is my preference

Technically you were talking about when you contact support, email is your preference, but the above sentence indicates that when you do email, then email is your preference, which is also not really right.

The lack of commas also leads some people to start to read your sentence in their head as saying:

I haven’t done this in a LONG time, but when I do email is, my preference so

It can cause brain “argggghhhhh-ing” :slight_smile: I also had to go back and re-read the sentence the first time I went through it. :wink: But it wasn’t a big deal. Just made me leave brain skid marks on trying to read your post fast :joy:

Also more clear to say:

I haven’t contacted support in a LONG time, but when I do contact them, email is my preference.

But no biggie for me, you do you, little frog king. As far as I am concerned, if I can understand what is meant by the writer, that’s all that matters to me, personally.


The word email’s by itself means belonging to the email.

Proper usage would be email is.

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Lol, choice dissection, carver. I’m ready for Antoniusses grill. :smile:


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Conversational style? Amphibian license? :slight_smile:

With fresh eyes, I’d be inclined to scotch everything above ‘Start here’.

Who cares what you think, do or feel. The title advertises a direct path, proceed!

Besides, Towel compresses space willy-nilly

and nobody gives her any grief. About that.

What (or whom) gives? :wink:

{This is a little non-sequitur. Bottom line, I really like Towel’s pic. So I forced it a bit. But just a bit. There is a connection to me.]

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Yeah, but that’s because @towelkingdom is the Towel Queen, and you don’t give queens grief. :wink:


Y’all. :joy:


And my art skills are poor, but we need a coronation

My attempt at a crown.


This is better. Not my best work but you use what you got.



I think our queen is a LOT prettier than old Camel face


Y’all know how to make a girl feel special! :heart:



FYI, just got a simple official answer (non-technical) via email within ten minutes. Don’t know if that’s typical but it’s good. :slight_smile:

Rarity for sure.

I sent an email to support weeks ago, haven’t heard back. Glad it wasn’t extremely important.

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