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Is there a changelog for on the v3?

Thanks :slight_smile:


My Wyze App shows that my V3 cameras are all up to date with
Checked with both my Android and iPhone (both running Beta).

Different strokes for different folks

From facebook beta group, it looks like there was a bug so it was pulled.

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As I’ve often mentioned I greatly dislike using Facebook. But even when I went to the fb beta testers I did not see that post.
@WyzeGwendolyn -
Is the “bug with the release mechanism” going to impact camera performance?
Can Wyze please bring back the retrograde button so I can reflash remotely?

Uh that is directly from the facebook group bruh… she was replying to a post asking about it… tf you on lol

Sorry for my delay here! And thank you to @davidnestico2001 for getting the info over here. :heart:

It does not sound like camera performance will be negatively impacted. Have you been running into new issues since then?

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Thanks for the quick reply!
The only “new” issue is that I’m kicking myself in the pants for only ordering 4 V3’s for myself. The night capability is OUTSTANDING!!

Ever since updating to my v3 has been causing way more network traffic than normal.

Is this expected, or is a fix coming soon?

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