What size transformer to run 2 video doorbells

Have wired house already with 2 doorbells

This is above my pay grade. Sounds like a question for Bumblebee or Optimus :smile:

I believe a 16v is enough…for sure a 24v

It looks like they want ≥10VA at 16-24VAC per doorbell, so at least 20VA would be required for 2 of them. More than 20VA is fine, of course.

I did get confirmation from another tester that has 2 installed using a 16v transformer. The doorbell also has a microSD input on the back that can be used to power up via 5v

Thanks to all that answered.

Doorbell Transformer, 16V, 30VA
This is what i looking at getting

Question: I have an old Novi doorbell that has 2 wires that go from doorbell to a 12v transformer that plugs in the wall for AC power. If I replace with a Wyze doorbell and use same 2 wires to this 24VAC, 40 VA AC Transformer that plugs into the wall, will that work?


Should be fine,