What part of the Outdoor Cam needs to be protected from the sun?

We have a new neighbor who drives a truck bigger than his abilities, who has already backed into the shed we have in our shared driveway. So it’s time to replace the ancient Swann ADS-440 that I have inside a window overlooking the driveway. I get no recording, no motion detection and no night vision with the current setup, so decided on the Wyze Outdoor Cam (before I realized that the V3 might work for me, too).

Our driveway is in full sun most of the day, so I’m worried about whether I can just install the camera out there and cross my fingers, or if I need to build/buy some kind of hood/mount for it.

What part of the WCO is susceptible to damage from the sun - is it the lens, which I will NOT be able to cover, or the camera body in general, in which case some kind of cover might help?

A v3 cam with an SD card installed and set to continuous recording is a much better outdoor choice if you are able to run power to the cam. A v3 cam with Cam Plus and an SD card is even better.

I have several Wyze Cam Outdoor units outside fully exposed to the sun for well over a year with no problems other than horrible glare when the sun is directly in view. You’ll have this problem with any type of cam unless you angle the cam down and shield the top. If you create or purchase some type of shield/hood, just make sure the underside of the shield is matte black or you’ll get washout from reflected IR at night.

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Wyze uses plastic lens

As times go by under th e Sun (UV light), lens will be become foggy.
white plastic oxidize to yellow.

Cmos image sensor aldo have a shorter life expectancy.

Just prepare to replace with Wyze V5 camera.

We have over 30 of them still in service since day 1,we only lost 2 that had a bad micro sd slot,1 got water inside.other than those 2 issues,and on 20 of them we have solar panels aftermarket brand,they have the battries built in.

@cf7 Why would I replace my Outdoor camera with a V5 - and does this even exist? Or are you being facetious/sarcastic?

V5 is future cam. current version is V3.

Yee, UV will kill every plastic but probably in in 3 or 4 yrs in time tir V5