What is the latest version app version to run on an Amazon Fire w/ OS 5.6.8?

I had been happily running Wyze on my 10" Amazon Fire. Left Virginia to go to Mississippi for a few months, Jan 2020.
Got caught down there due to the Covid 19 until July 2021.
Got back and fired up my Fire updated the OS, updated the Wyze app. Sure enough wouldn’t come up. :frowning:
Went and grabbed an APK from APKmirror (March, 2020 v2.19.14) seems to work fine with V2’s and V3’s.
But I didn’t want to play around loading a bunch of APK’s just to find out the latest one that worked.
I’m mainly trying to see my cams.
So anyone running an old Fire with a later version?
/edit - the Fire OS is

I’m not running an old Fire tablet, but you need Android 7 or above to run the current v2.22 Wyze app. That would be Fire OS 6 or above. So that tablet can’t run the current app.

Installing the older version 2.21 is out too if your account will be run from any newer devices where 2.22 is installed. Those newer devices will be able to upgrade Wyze products to newer firmware. Problem is, once they do that those devices will no longer work with apps below 2.22.

So time to retire that tablet from the Wyze game?

Are you implying 2.21 would work?
So I just keep my devices on old FW that works until the Wyze servers stop supporting them.

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Yes, 2.21 should work as long as you don’t upgrade firmware using a higher app.

Running 2.8 here with no issue at all. :slight_smile:

Do you mean Wyze App Version 2.8?

That will work for me. I’ve a bunch of V2’s that I uses for monitoring stuff, like water boiling, trees growing, backup cams etc. that don’t need the latest and greatest.
/edit - I just checked and I’ve at least 3 V3’s running FW and they work for viewing with app v2.19.14.

Yes. Isn’t that what we’re talking about, Wyze app versions?

Why so old if you have Fire OS 5?

Oh I’m sorry, I meant on my phone (which has Android 10). On my Fire I pretty much stick to TinyCam. So… never mind?