What is the best motion sensing outdoor light to use with the Outdoor camera?


I have a junction box with a flood light that I am replacing. I was considering finding a replacement fixture that I could mount my outdoor camera to. I want to be sure not to ruin the image quality of the camera. Can you help?

If you’re going to that trouble and have power right there, I’d consider a new Wyze V3 instead of the wireless Wyze Cam Outdoor. It will soon have its own “spotlight” option too.

When will the unit with the light be available? I have been having trouble with LED lights dying in me because they require a dedicated/separate power supply. Will this unit be able to share power?

Pretty sure it will be placed in line with the USB power feeding the V3 camera. No idea when it’s shipping but here is a thread with a picture.


When this ships I might replace my Heimlink floodlight camera with it. Not sure. The Heimlink has much higher resolution but the V3 has better software and the starlight sensor.

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I don’t have one of these yet, but it looks interesting…

Amazon.com : Wasserstein 4-in-1 Floodlight, Charger, Mount and Outdoor Case Compatible with Wyze Cam - Turn Your Wyze Cam into a Powerful Outdoor Floodlight (White) (Wyze Cam NOT Included) : Camera & Photo