What is 360 p

What is 360 p network is not stable?

You can choose to view the Live view from the camera in different bitrates to reduce bandwidth requirements and in turn improve reliability on unstable networks. Options for V2 are HD, SD, or 360p, with 360p using the least amount of bandwidth. This only affects the Live stream from your camera to your phone, it doesn’t change the resolution or bitrate of event videos or recordings.

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Your camera will automatically drop to a lower resolution if your network seem unstable.

I believe cameras shown in a Group are also at 360p, are they not? Until you select one of the cameras, that is, then your preferred bitrate (360, SD, or HD) is used.

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I just learned something new. The recordings going to the SD card are always the same bitrate regardless of the resolution you choose to view the live stream?

I had always believed we could choose the resolution we wanted to record at.

The videos and photos you download from the live stream are in the bitrate set for the stream though. Which makes sense.

You are correct, when cameras are viewed in a group they are at 360p

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I have 5 v2 devices. The cam closest to my gateway constantly drops down to 360p by itself. I recently swapped out 2 of the devices as a test, the current cam it that spit now does tye sake thing, and the one i moved away doesnt do it anymore.
Now for my question… our gateway is very active; At least 18 active connected at any given time. Could this be happening because of the device being so close to its connect point and the higher amount of “invisible connections” in that airspace