Adaptive bandwidth/lower resolution

When I’m home, I can easily watch the live feed at the highest resolution. That’s great. But when I’m on the road, the network can be much worse but the thing is that the app still tries to connect to the camera using the last resolution used and more often than not : it fails because of bad network.

Since you first have to connect to the live feed BEFORE you can decrease the resolution, it can be nearly impossible to achieve when I’m on the road. So I leave it at 360p all the time because of that issue.

Ideally, the app should be smart enough to try lower resolution instead of just failing. Or, at the very least, allow us to change settings without viewing the live feed first. Also, it’d be great to get even lower resolution than 360p. Maybe 240p or 120p or whatever. It is always better to have a bad resolution than nothing at all.

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I need a lower bandwidth options, perhaps 240, and an audio only for even worse conditions.
I have low bandwidth both at the location, and where I access it from.
I frequently cannot maintain a stream at 360 for a single camera, much less a group.

Same for me I have 2 locations with DSL 3m and so many issues trying to get them connected reliably. With IP cameras I can set fps. Any options would be great for this.

poner automáticamente en 360p o 720p si no hay buena señal

Deseo que si la señal de internet no es la adecuada la cámara transmita en vivo automáticamente en la mayor resolución posible de acuerdo a la capacidad de internet. Es decir que transmita en 360, 720 o Hd automáticamente de acuerdo a la capacidad del internet en el lugar donde se encuentre la cámara.

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automatically switch to 360p or 720p if there is no good signal

I wish that if the internet signal is not adequate, the camera automatically transmits live in the highest possible resolution according to the internet capacity. That is to say that it transmits in 360, 720 or HD automatically according to the capacity of the internet in the place where the camera is located.