App seems to switch cameras to 360p no matter what?

I have six cameras. All seem to stream just fine in HD on the Android app and I don’t get the dreaded “network unstable” messages I see others posting about.

All should be good, right? Unfortunately, when I set the cams to HD and come back a day later they always seem to revert to 360p. Is this just the default or am I doing something wrong? Is there a “save settings” button I’m not seeing?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there,
I have not experienced this same problem, i just went in the app and changed a cam to 360, logged out, went back in to change it to HD, logged out again, went back and it was still HD. I have not seen a “save settings” button - i go to view live stream, then in the upper left-hand corner i click on the HD/SD/360 button, a popup then shows the three options, i select what i want then back out of the app and it stays put.

Sorry if that wasn’t helpful, but at least you have another user experience to compare against :upside_down_face:

I’m having this issue as well. The cam had good signal with high kb/s but has since degraded and will automatically switch to 360p and go out intermittently. I’ve tried moving a google Wifi mesh unit right next to the cam with no change. I’ve switched the cam with another cam with a good connection and the problem followed the cam so I assume the cam is now faulty.

Same here. :slightly_frowning_face:

@huh0kay Welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about this negative experience you are having. If you can’t get the help you need here on the forum. I advise to contact support about this issue and submit a request. If they decide the camera is defective, they will send you a replacement. I have provided the support link below for your convenience:

Submit a Request to Support

@pedropon Welcome to the community! I advise to contact support about this issue and submit a request. If they decide the camera is defective, they will send you a replacement. The link to support is above: :slightly_smiling_face:


I am having the same issue with Android Beta app, v2.5.30

Same here. All cams seem to switch to 360p even after changing to HD. No warnings in the app. No issues with network.

Are you using tinyCam?
If so read this post:

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I do have Tinycam Pro where I have 5 Wyzecams along with bunch of others. I see the stream profile set to Auto. That’s a global option for all cams. I changed it to Main. Will see what happens. Wonder how a setting in Tinycam could affect what is set in Wyze app.

Thanks for the suggestion

TinyCam changes the Wyze cameras to 360p. The Wyze app just shows what the cameras were set to.

Thanks This seemed to work for me and I was running TinyCam. This solution now created a new problem where my old tablet is draining battery faster than it can be charged for some reason. I’ll continue to tinker with the settings.

Are you using the tablet as your tinyCam server?
Make sure Live View isn’t on.

I’m using this for the live view feature to have an accessible feed at a glance. I guess that would explain it haha

Thanks! This fixed my issue.

I think the same thing happens when you are watching a group of cameras on the Wyze app. The connection is set to 360 in all of them.

Maybe but when you view a single camera after that it switches back to whatever it was set to.

Hi Folks, I have the same issue but with HD, where do I find these settings on the Wyze App ? Stream Profile setting. The choices are AUTO, MAIN and SUB. It should be set to MAIN.

It’s not part of the WYZE app. It’s settings in tinyCam Pro.
If you’re not using tinyCam then something else is causing your issue.

This just started after I did a firmware update, I did do a reboot, still no resolve.

Ok, I found the solution, you need to select off, for the Live Stream option just above the image on the main app view.