What happened to the "schedule reboot" in the app?

It’s gone. Its gets tiring seeing random disconnects because I can no longer have the devices reboot.

I’m not sure random disconnects are due to not being rebooted, but some people do reboot their cameras. You can schedule a restart using Rules:

That’s a soft reboot. If you have a Plug attached you can do a hard reboot (cycle the Plug off and on – turn the Plug off from 4:29 AM to 4:30 AM, for instance).


The random disconnects are due to the device. All devices will go offline eventually. I had some cameras rebooting weekly, Then I noticed the cameras started going offline again.

I will check out the rules section.


There is no means to reboot the lights. They are also a source of disconnect frustration

I reboot all my cameras at staggered times every night. Odd number cameras reboot at 01:[camera number], and even number cameras reboot at 02:[camera number]. In other words, camera 1 reboots at 01:01 and camera 34 reboots at 02:34.

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That is a pretty good way of doing it, if I am reading it correctly that would give 2 minutes for the camera to come back online before the next one reboots.

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Correct. That way I largely do not lose camera coverage since anyplace important has overlapping coverage with at least two cameras.


I may have to implement that for mine, I do have overlapping coverage for the important ones but I want to reboot them daily without leaving an area uncovered too long.

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Bulbs? Floodlights? Spotlights? Light Strips? Floor Lamp?

Are you sure you don’t have intermittent router issues on the 2.4 GHz band? I’ve replaced my sister’s router for this.

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The Color Bulbs. They go off line at least once a month and I have to remove power to them.

Nothing wrong with my Wi-Fi. Some of the cameras never go offline, and some are doing it at least once a week, even with the daily reboots I now have going on.