Reboot trouble

I have a few v2s and one v3 in my house as I winter down south in Arizona. I am constantly having my son’s stop to reboot a few of the cameras. I know I can add a wifi outlets switch , but hard to do from 1500 miles away. 2 of my v2s have worked fine the entire time . The remaining cameras have need multiple reboots. Can some one tell me why. All are inside. Are they becoming defective? What am I missing.

We don’t know. Could be multiple things. And not all directly Wyze related. So, I’m not starting down that rabbit hole.

But I wanted to suggest something else. Might not seem to be practical as your AZ winter winds down, but I still recommend you do it.

Pickup/order some WiFi switches for your cameras. Program them by adding them to your network in AZ and send them to your son to install next time he is there. Find out this winter before you depart AZ that it works.

Now, I hope you are not going to say, that you can’t. I hope you are not going to say, the WiFI SSID and password don’t match between AZ and “home”. Because they should. You can. Naturally, you can’t reach the one at “home” to make it match AZ, so simply change AZ to match home.

Doing so, will make all/any devices that work in AZ also work at “home”. And it gives you the opportunity to get the ones for “home” working before you put them in the mail.

By, the way, does your AZ vacation spot also have cameras that you want to setup with reboot capability?

I do have some wifi switches at home and plan on setting that up when I get home. Just found it strange that they would do that. Thank you.

I use WiFi plugs for a few of my cameras that seem a bit troublesome. That may be a bit easier than switches.

Now if I could keep the WiFi switch connected…
Out in my garage I have three Wyze Outdoor Outlets that each controls a camera or two. I recently added the third one to be able to power cycle two cameras where it is hard to get to the outlets that they are plugged into. Now the Outlet is offline, but both cameras are fine - go figure…

@K6CCC, Just wondering… Do those Outdoor outlets have the Last State or On position when power is returned? Could the Last State save the power for the switch in the on position as they fell offline?

I have two v2 pans. One on march 22 firmware and it hopelessly disconnects. I’m two hours away from it. So much for that one. One at my house that snuck in to the Nov 22 firmware, that was halted for other reasons. It works fine.

You’re going to have to tell me what you’re talking about. I don’t find any such setting.
And when the Outdoor Outlet goes offline, it is leaving the two outlets turned on - and the cameras in them are working. I just can’t control them at the moment.

Well the restart button in the app saved the day and the cam came back to life. I set a rule to have it restart every night. I’m not sure if that rule is stored in the camera or whether it requires the phone or cloud to run.