Reconnect Remotely

I just received a notice that the cam at our vacation home is offline. I assume it was due to a temporary interruption of the WiFi. There are no neighbors I can ask to go in and reconnect. It will be a while before I can get back there. Can I reconnect remotely?

The most common answer is a remotely controlled AC power switch. I also have a rule that reboots each camera every 24 hours. Sometimes that helps and sometimes not. Obviously both of these have to be set up in advance.

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If you can remotely reboot your router or refresh its connections to connected devices I would recommend that.

Even just optimizing the router sometimes helps to bring something back online.

No offense intended, but we only hear from users AFTER they have a connect/reconnect/offline problem. Seems that’s the only time they visit the forum to learn about the good, the bad and the ugly of IoT devices. In a nutshell, there are devices that one or Juan can purchase that will even reboot Juan’s cable modem or router, as insurance against loss of Internet. And more inside the WifI, most of us have added WiFi smart adapters/switches so we can schedule a reboot (off and back on) of our cameras.
On a personal note, I’ve explained, posted, pointed out and high-encouraged people to the point, my suggestions, product encouragements are already spelled out, and worth of investing some time browsing, scrolling or searching to the forum to learn of everyone contributions, and not just on my cameras offline.

It’s funny. I came to find this forum only because I was too lazy to read the floodlight manual. This forum certainly has a lot of helpful information for everyone.

Also another possibility for offline camera is power outage. Once my floodlights went offline and nothing would bring them back online. Then I checked the light switch and discovered it was accidentally turned off (by most likely me).