No remote troubleshooting-camera turns off

Hello: I have three Cam3 cameras…2 went offline for no reason but one of them is still working, so I know it’s not the Wifi. I’m away from home for a few weeks and was just told by Support that there’s no remote troubleshooting. Tell me I’m crazy but the reason I bought that these cameras is to monitor my home WHILE I’M AWAY. How can there be no remote troubleshooting and WHY doesn’t the ‘Restart Camera’ function work? Thanks for any suggestions.

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If the camera is not connected to the WiFi, how would a restart get to the camera?
It can’t.

At any point, if the cam loses WiFi it will go offline. If the WiFi is restored, the cam will log back into that WiFi and reconnect to the internet. However, if the reason that the cam is offline is due to an issue within the router protocols, there is nothing you or the cam can do except to wait for a power cycle to get a new IP from the router.

Many who spend a considerable time away from their networks have installed safeguards on their hardware to deal with such issues. Things like Remote Router Reboot Protocols or Smart Reboot Monitoring Plugs and Smart Plugs powering devices to Remote Power Cycle.

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Thank you but… one of the cameras on the same WiFi works so it’s not the WiFi.

No one said it is the WiFi. If it were, the cams would come back online when WiFi is restored. Your WiFi is still on, but your router isn’t allowing those offline cams to connect.

I suspect that it is a router protocol issue that has pushed the cams offline and will not allow them to reconnect. This is IP specific per device within the router logic programmed by the manufacturer and is very difficult to remedy. If you reboot the router and the cams come back to life only to be pushed offline later, I would suspect an issue with how the router is managing your devices.

Interesting. Ok. Thank you!

One more update on this – I just got home after 2 months away. Of the 3 cameras ONLY the Wyze Cam Pan that I bought in 2021 was still working…the two Cam v3 cameras – one of which I JUST purchased in September 2023 – were BOTH offline. My only conclusion is…the old Wyze Cam Pan which is double the price of the Cam v3 works better.

Cam Pam connects; Cam v.3 does not

Bought two Cam v.3 this year. Connected fine, then got disconnected while I was away from home. Could NOT reconnect them to network. Just bought Cam Pam. That did not connect either UNTIL I unplugged the router/modem and re-plugged it in. Cam Pam worked but the other two Cam v.3 STILL did not. VERY frustrating.

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Have you done a Factory Reset on the two Cam V3 and then done a new Setup routine in the App?

Can’t recall the specs…does the Pan v3 use 5gHz? I know the V3 doesn’t.

No. The only 5GHz AC cams are the Doorbell Pro and the FLP.


Do your V3 Cams enter a “Ready to Connect” setup routine and try to install thru the app then fails? Or is there no Setup “Ready to Connect” at all?

It’s not the Cam Pan v.3…it’s the regular Cam v.3…2 different cameras that sound the same!