Routine Unplug then Plug in Cameras and Smart Plugs

Currently all of my Smart Plugs, Switches and V3 cameras are functioning great. However, I am wondering if resetting them by a quick Unplug then re-plug is a good practice on some particular interval. Your thoughts please…tlhutch4

I say, If it ain’t unhappy, leave it be.

If you have rules failing or something to that nature then a power cycle could be helpful, but if you aren’t seeing any issues with those devices or your internet/wifi isn’t dropping be it ISP or hardware where you could run into an IP issue… I see no reason to power cycle them.


R.Good, Thanks for your perspective. My process has been to Power Cycle individual devices as they present an issue. You seem to suggest that my process is sufficient…Thanks

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I don’t routinely power cycle them. However I do have a set of rules to reboot every camera every night. Now I just wish I could reboot my Outdoor Outlets.


Some of my cameras sometimes lose connection as well. For those, i connect them to another smart switch/ plug and just use that app to cut off then reconnect power which fixes it. I hope wyze can maybe implement a reboot schedule to help with this. My older cameras from another manufacturer had this feature and it was nice when ib lost connection. I just had it schedule to reboot once ac week at night to help with the issue.
After writing this , i did see a rule to allow me to do that, but not on a schedule?

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If you just want to schedule your Plug or camera to turn off then back on a minute later once a week or whenever I believe you can do that by creating a schedule within the rules for the device. Or, did I miss your point ?..tlhutch4

Also, as I understand it, turning the cam or plug off then back on is not equivalent to resetting by unplugging then repluging the device which is required for a device that has gone offline….tlhutch4

If the restart on schedule option does not fix the occasional network disconnect issue, I would stick to my original suggestion of connecting to a smart switch or smart outlet. When my cameras go offline, i usually have to use my kasa smart switch to quickly power cycle and get back online.
In the meantime, i will test this scheduled restart rule, on a camera that does tend to go offline from time to time, to see if it remediates my issue.

Thank you community members!!


I’m with Mr .Good. :slight_smile:

Halving said that, this is another good thread (yours!):

And my particulars, tangentially, that may serve some one:

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Great comments from everyone so far…Thanks, tlhutch4


I had my thermostat go offline the other day. Had to cycle power to it. I live in Maine. It’s winter! Not good if you aren’t home when it acts up.

How did you power cycle your thermostat when you were away from home ?

That’s the problem, I can’t. I’ve had the thermostat for about 3 weeks now and it’s happened once. Luckily I was home at the time and noticed that the house was getting cooler and that the furnace wasn’t running so I checked the thermostat and it was unresponsive. If I had been away from home I would have been sh*t out of luck and probably would have come home to a frozen up house! Keeping a close eye on the thermostat and if it happens again will either throw it in the trash or try to get a replacement from Wyze.

I’m not an expert but it looks like you can’t reset unless you are there. Does this article help ?

Checked all that. Thermostat is in the same room as the router so it’s not due to a weak wifi signal.