What happen to free recording?

The local storage options most certainly have changed, only for the worse. The features that us early adopters with 8+ cameras justified our purchase with were 100% by any definition stolen. I go to my cameras and have zero use . . . unless i create an account i dont want, sign up for a service i dont want (and on several cameras, cant use) . . . only after that do i get the features I already paid for back . . minus the lost days between when they were intentionally removed.

But hey, the local PD and my neighbors who were victimized totally underatand why Wyze did this . . . there ia a video!!! A video that has been posted twice!!! They completely disabled my local storage because it cost them $0.00 of cloud storage . . . that i dont want . . . and cant use.

I was tricked into adding 4 cameras to Cam Plus Lite (by the video) that i cant remove from the unwanted service . . . and another 8 or so cameras that aren’t even heavy enough to be effective paper weights because I DONT WANT AND CAN NOT USE the required Lite service on those cameras. Then the manufarlcturer intentionally destroyed the product i purchased. . . years after the purchase. Certainly wont be buying or suggesting Wyze as a brand to anybody in the near future. Hopefully they will provide an update that [Mod Edit] my paperweights soon.

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