What format is the video on SD card?

I’m recording continually on a SD card and my question is what format is the video on the SD card. For instance if I want to save a short piece of my continuous recording, can I do that on my Mac? Let’s say you had to supply the police with video of someone stealing a package on your porch, how can I do that. I’m hoping the video is stored in a standard computer format so it’s easily editable


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Standard mp4 format.

The support topic is a little fuzzy on how exactly the videos stored on the SD card. It mentions that they are 1-minute increment for “Event recording”, but I’m fairly positive that all the raw video files are stored to the SD card that way - irrespective of the setting. It’s been a minute since I’ve removed my cards, but as I recall - and all mine are set to continuous - they were 1 minute increments. So you’d need a program to stitch them together.

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All the video is H.264, and you can use the free application VLC to view any of the files on the microSD card if you remove it and stick it in a computer.

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Ok. Thanks a bunch

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Thanks for the help