What does "Enjoy full-length Event Videos" even mean

I’ve had cam plus now for several months and while I can see “Events” that happen they are only around 12 second clips and while I have tried in vain to see more I can not. SOME of my cameras has a button at the bottom that says “View Playback”. These cameras I can go back and see what happened before, during, and after the event but my newer ones I find no way to do this. I now have a situation that the Event turned off after 12 seconds but I need to see more to hopefully catch a license plate of the person that broke into my garage but find absolutely no way to do it and there is no View Playback. All of these cameras are on Cam Plus. Pleae help

Which camera are you using?
View Playback is used to play back recordings from the SD card in the camera if you have one. My cameras are set to record continuous to 256GB or 12GB cards in the cameras.
Cam plus is supposed to record events as long as motion continuous and they are saved to the cloud. These camera are not good for capturing vehicle license plates.

Pan V3 and Outdoor v2’s. There is not even a Playback option on either of these. My v1/v2 cameras do however have it at the bottom of the screen when on the live camera view. As far as getting a plate number the vehicle was turning backing up to the camera and was getting very close when the clip ended. Another second and I’m sure i would have it.

Yes, there is a playback option, too on pan V3, in fact there are two of them. It’s just that the one you’re trying out is greyed out (it’s a bug) right now. Try the SD card button.

My question is, what exactly is “full-Length Event Videos”? Bottom line is I can not access anything more than the 12 second clip EXCEPT on the early cameras where I can hit the “View Playback” and actually see a “full length video”! For this I didn’t even need Cam Plus! You say there is a bug with the Pan V3 but what about the Outdoor V2. There is no playback option nor is there an SD card button that I can find. I’m really trying to make this work so your help is most appreciated.

I am a rookie here… But 2 things I can mention. Even if you have cam+ do you have the cameras turned on to cam+ (in the menu) You can buy the subscription, but still have to pick which cameras you want turned on.

Are all the videos 12 seconds? If they are it sounds like cam + may not be turned on. Or if they are sometimes longer, you may need to increase your detection. (So it records longer)

If I have this correct… To see if cam + is turned on to the cameras you want it to… (At least on my phone. ) click on a camera, hit the + on top of the screen, It says you have cam + and hit manage. page down to add cameras. Click on add cameras and it will tell you which cameras have cam plus turned on, (with the the check marks checked. )
If you pay for only 4 cameras and have more than 4 you can switch which cameras to record with cam+ by going to that screen and turning off the ones you do not want and turning on others. It will only let you turn on what you are paying for.

Hope this helps.

Videos with cam+ turned on, will record for a few seconds more than when detection ends. Not sure if detection kicks out on mine, or if it stops detecting (low detection rate) but I usually get about 30 seconds to 2 minutes recording time, then movement will kick recording back on. Like if someone sits down for a bit and moves again.

All of my cameras ARE turned on to Cam plus. I’ve triple checked. Some of my recordings are 14 seconds or 16 but they stop even with motion. In this case a vehicle was backing up and a person outside constantly moving but it still shut off after 14 seconds. So as I’m beginning to understand this it’s not like my older V2/3 where I can select “View Playback” and watch every second of every day or until the sd card loops? If that’s the case isn’t this a step backwards for Wyzecam? Thank you for your detailed reply. Just wish it would have done the trick.

“View Playback” shows what’s recorded on SD card. Cam+ shows what’s stored on Wyze servers. Understand they are 2 different things and have different criteria “when motion stops”. In my case, SD recording is longer most of the time but not always. Why Wyze decided to have different criteria, I have no idea,

Ok, Sounds like you have a SD card in the camera already. You can set it up for continuous recording. Good for if there is something far in the background you want to see. (That movement detection does not pickup) Maybe turn detection up higher? Just tossing out ideas.

I was responding to @halibut214 about shorter cloud recordings …

Thank you for the distinction on what’s stored where. So I tried to see what’s on the SD card and I don’t have an option for View Playback or any SD card option that I can find on any of my Outdoor V2 cameras however all of my V1/2 cameras have it. I have included a screen shot of both cameras and what I have. Note at the bottom of the screen on th V1/2 camera I have the option.

Yes, you do. That “View Playback” button you’re pressing, plays the SD recordings. There’s another button but currently is greyed out due to a software bug.

You need to go here and read about Scheduled event recording. The WCO v2 needs to be set to Scheduled Event Recording to record to the SD card in the cam.
Set it for 30 days, MOTION ONLY, no cooldown period, and a Max. duration for each event video to 5 min. for each video. You can set ti to continuous but your battery will be dead in 6-8 hours or less.
To view what is recorded to the SD you have to open the cam to live view, tap more on the bottom right, tap album and go to the bottom off the page to scheduled recordings. You have to tap the download icon to view and the video will be saved to your phone.

Any word on when that will be fixed? I just walked in a steady circle in front of my front yard camera for a solid minute and on Cam Plus and got an 11 second event. So it did not record the entire event.
Thanks again… I’m learning :thinking: