What do I need? Haven't used cam for 4(?) years


I hope I post this in the correct location. In a few hours time we will be leaving for our first holiday in years (one more than a long weekend). I just remembered I have a V2 Wyze cam. I plugged it into power, downloaded the app, did a gazillon updates and, well, a lot has changed. What I am looking for is the feature to receive a little film clip when the cam has detected motion. Nothing fancy, I used to have that feature set. But not anymore. I don’t need people or dog detection, the house should be empty the coming weeks. Please advise what I should set up and buy, at a minimum.



You want a v3 with a free cam plus lite subscription

In a few hours?

Just plug it in and check for video. You can figure it out over wifi at the airport, on the plane or at the hotel.

Enjoy your trip.

Thanks for the input. Buying a new cam is not really an option. I got the V2 cam working, live view is up. I took a Cam Plus subscription, now I need to get stuff set. Under ‘rules’, I set the preset ‘I’m away’ rule to turn on the cam, turn on motion detection and notifications, and upload a short video to the cloud. But the system doesn’t seem to remember the ‘upload a short video’-choice, I did ‘save’ in case you’re wondering. And I don’t know where to tell the system I’m away.

[EDIT] I checked the V2 should work with CamPlus, it says so here:
https://www.wyze.com/collections/cam-plus-cameras [/EDIT]

Any help is appreciated,


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