What are the two red lights on each side of the camera on Wyze 3

Just wondering why our camera is showing two red lights on each side of the camera lens. It wasn’t there when we first set it up, and there’s nothing on the Quick Guide that shows those lights, just the one above for status.

The Infrared lights for use with night vision. There is a setting to turn them on/off near or far.

Thank you so much. I appreciate the help! I don’t even know how it went on—automatically? Is there a reason to leave it on? The app says it’s not necessary.

If you are going to use the night vision (Black and White) in either the Auto or On mode you should leave them turned on if the area the camera is viewing doesn’t have much light. I have a lot of light outdoors in the area my cam is viewing so I just turn night vision off and use the color (Starlight) vision. Just put night vision to Auto if that is what you want, play with it and see what you like, Black and white at night or color. See night vision here under features.

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Thanks!! Will do!

If you click on the link in green I posted you will find more info.