Has my wyzecam been hacked?

Greetings All. So, the 4 red leds on my wyzecam are sometimes on when we aren’t using the camera. No one lives w/n a mile of us. Is someone turning on my camera? Is there a way for me to check? Thanks

Not sure what the 4 red leds would mean in this case, but have you tried changing the password on your phone app, just in case someone figured it out? Just a thought…

Welcome to the forums! if they are on the front of the camera surrounding the lens, those are the IR leds that come on to illuminate the area when night vision mode is on. What are your night vision settings? And what are your ir light settings?


Yes, there is one LED for operation, but if there are 4 LEDs they are illumination for night vision. You can have those on all the time, not at all, or only when dark.

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Everything on that screen is ‘on’. I’ll change the PW just in case. Thanks All

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