4 LEDs

I ordered a few cams about a month and a half ago. They only had 2 LEDs for the night vision…


Got my new batch of cams…and the first one I hooked up has 4 LEDs…


Just wondering if WYZEcam now has 4 LEDs instead of 2

Yes, the switched to shipping four LED cameras somewhere in late Nov or early Dec.

Reviving old thread.

what is the difference in night vision coverage of the 2 versus 4 led emitters?

Is there much of a difference? I currently have a 2 led cam on porch - wondering if it would be better to replace with a 4 led version.

Yes. I have both and they are as different as day and night, literally. My 2 LED camera was in the kitchen that had more ambient light, and it was fine, but when I moved it to the garage, you can hardly see anything in night vision mode. My 4 LED light, on the other hand, lights up the whole basement like time square.