What about security issue? No back-doors?

I have 4 Wyze products so far(3 cam V2s and accessories) and just ordered 2 of cam V3.
However, wonder how secure it is.
Check the links about Ring camera hacked in Jan, 2020

There are many different kinds of attacks available online, so it can be big issues with our community soon.

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Do you have any links to articles about Wyze cameras being hacked?
Do you think they’ve been hacked and no one is talking about it?

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Wyze takes any type of security issue very seriously. If you suspect a problem create a log file through the Wyze App and open a Service Request.

You’ll need to include the Log File Number in the ticket. Also include the Phone Make, Model, Version, the Wyze App version and camera model & firmware version.

Well he or she says they are “wondering”.

Wyze has had several security incidents and addressed them responsibly. They even went to the trouble of trying to exclude non-US IP addresses from their outsourced China based P2P networking service.

Nothing in tech is completely secure, and your video is headed to hosted servers, but Wyze has been pretty good in this regard…

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I’ll wager this was a case of a person reusing a password (or just using a common one), looking to blame their own poor security on the company.

That was the case in another incident:

“Ring says it investigated the incident and determined the alleged hacker obtained user names and passwords from accounts not associated with Ring”.

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