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Do you know if Wyze Thermostat will be eligible for energy rebates from the utility companies?

Since it is not Star Energy certified, I doubt you would get any rebate from energy company. But then, this is not shipping until Dec so anything can change.

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How will this handle direct sunlight? Temp readings on thermostats rise when they’re in direct sunlight which leads to incorrect temp readings unless it is properly addressed.

Hmm… That’s a bummer. Because otherwise for a lot of people this would be a free purchase as a lot of utilities these days offer > $50 for the installation of a “Smart” thermostat. Can @WyzeGwendolyn chime in?

you are not kidding. my local gas/electricity company offers combined $75. net net they will be paying me to install this if it were energy star certified and on their list of eligible device.

regarding the rebate, namely, the Energystar certificate. Here is our plan: we need to launch our product first and collect 1-year saving data of our devices across the US to show EPA the field saving capability. That is a hard requirement for Energystar certificate. We can never achieve energy star certificate for user rebate if we don’t sell enough, but users may not buy our thermostat because of no rebate… We need our customers to help us to get the certificate, then we definitely want to apply for the certificate and give the value back.


Good to know! I did not know this!

@Chuan anything on the direct sunlight question above?

Hi, good question and I understand the trouble.
Per HVAC engineer handbook, a home thermostat should be installed at the location without direct sunlight. Due to many reasons, like a modified window, an inexperienced installer, or a design flaw, we do observe direct sunlight on some thermostats. We could apply a signal filter to ignore the temperature peak if a fixed pattern is identified, but we will need data first to train the model. Short answer, we have a solution but the problem needs to occur several times for us to apply the treatment.


Seriously, if someone has their thermostat placed in a way that is subject to direct sunlight, whoever installed it didn’t know what they were doing. Usually it is placed in a central location inside the house away from sunlight and drafts and such.


i didnt build my house and it has ~20ft windows. the sun can be very resilient with all of it’s shining and such. so, sunshine on thermostats is a thing that happens.

I am one of the thermostat testers and am affected by this. The thermostat location was installed by the builder and gets afternoon sun. Let me know what I can do to help collect data.

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Did you find the thermostat giving false temp readings when it happened? My nest thermostat has an option to combat it, but it either doesn’t work well or doesn’t work well enough.

I know this solution is not feasible or easy for everyone depending on their house, but you could move the thermostat to a more suitable location.

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Yes, when the sunlight is hitting it… I’ll have to do some testing to see how much it’s affecting it

Yes, definitely a possibility, especially since I was going to replace the wiring to eliminate the C adapter


Are there ever plans to have this work with a 2 zone system? Im in the same boat 2 thermostats (1 upstairs amd 1 downstairs) 1 HVAC unit.

Or is this just a physical limitation?

I have asked and asked, is there a way to password protect, or lock the thermostat.
Thank you

we did not design that while launch, however, due to the feedback we collected from customer after launch, we have started the development since last week. I won’t promise a date for release because we are testing, but I am sure it will have it with app updates


I have a gas heater in my Park Model (trailer) and it only has two wires connected to the thermostat, (Rh, W). However there is a bundle of 6 wires going from the heater to the thermostat. I got the same message on the compatibility checker. However if I add a 24Vac Power adapter for $13 bucks to the Rc and the C wires, then it passes the test. So I just have to splice in the power adapter wires near the heater and connect the ends to the Rc and C and the Wyze should work. This approach works for other brands of smart thermostat’s too. https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Transformer,C-Wire-Thermostat,Compatible-Honeywell-Thermostat/dp/B07L4DN5R2/ref=psdc_6396124011_t2_B075PN6NCV


I have two Honeywell smart thermostat’s in my home on two different ac units. One has a “recirculate” fan setting, that turns on the fan without the AC unit to circulate the air for 20% of each hour. Does the Wyze thermostat have this feature? If so I’ll replace the Honeywell thermostat that doesn’t have the feature, since Honeywell charges over $200 to get this feature.