Weird V3 Pro 2k streaming problem, but time of day related only

“Starlight” is the sensor itself. It’s a starlight sensor, it helps in all low light situations, wither night vision mode is enabled or not.

To change night vision modes, change your dusk/dawn settings, enable or disable the ir lights are only in the advanced settings menu currently.

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Something to add for this dilemma. I got out a newer Lenovo M10 Plus full HD Android 10 tablet I have and it does seem to stream in 2k. Not perfectly, it’s a little jumpy and skips a second every few, but it does at least stream instead of freezing. With hardware decoder turned off, it’s much more jumpy, but still kind of works.

That means for whatever reason, the problem is more with the IOS app. My iPhone 13 with the A15 Bionic processor and a dedicated 4 core GPU is more powerful than the Lenovo M10 tablet, but the Android tablet does stream 2k, not great, but much better.

Yes, but the ability to turn the IR on and off on the standard v3 is right on the live stream above the picture, no digging for it.

And when the IR is on, there is only one setting, big red obtrusive visible lights, not like the Standard v3.

In my eyes, adding a pro version doesn’t mean taking away features, just adding and improving.
No one expects to not be able to do the things they could with the “lesser” model when they “upgrade” to a newer more expensive model with the same name just “pro” added…

I would assume that the ability to switch modes will come with new app, not firmware.
And my guess is that the streaming issues are at the server end too…

The invisible infra-red though, that is either a firmware, or, hardware difference…

If I remember correctly, on the V2 the “near” IR lights are the invisible ones and the far are the red glow. It’s a hardware thing (physical LED’s) the invisible ones are 940nm wavelength and the red ones are 850nm which is more into the human visible range.


And the Pro removed the invisible ones? That is odd.

I agree! I posted my own problem of this same thing: Wyze Cam V3 Pro Live Feed not always working, updating


I am experiencing the same thing! And I posted my own post on this: Wyze Cam V3 Pro Live Feed not always working, updating

This is very very frustrating of quality once again from Wyze!


Yeah, only the standard IR with no near/far option.

By the way, I also tried the frame rate in TinyCam and it wasn’t much help. I’ll try it again at night when the camera works better, but TinyCam was displaying only something like 4 frames per second. I assume that’s what it’s sensing on the receiving end and not what the camera is attempting to actually transmit.

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Interesting but that IS a data point. My 2K cams usually do better than that, even though signals are only so-so.

:scream: :scream:

That is so weird. Like they figured you would use the spotlight for certain distances instead??

Are these devices using 5 GHz WiFi by chance?

And the V3Pro is still using 2.4 GHz I think? If you have any close neighbors, maybe they are flooding those limited channels during the day?

Oh yeah…
Ya can’t pick channels and ya can’t force things to connect to a certain node. I was not expecting this when I got mine, but it is pretty solid within those limitations.

But since you have that Android tablet, nothing is preventing you from seeing how bad off the channel traffic is. I really recommend the free WiFi analyzer app by Ubiquiti called “WiFiman” - available for iOS and Android. (just hit “stop test” to stop the speed test and see the app links)

The Android version gives you a lot more power with the wireless channel scanning not available of the iOS version (due to Apple privacy policy) , but the trippiest feature is that you can do point to point speed testing within your own network. And that works on both platforms.

Whenever you open the WiFiman app, and you already have a different phone or tablet connected to the same WiFi network with the WiFiman app already open, it will offer to use that other device as the endpoint for a speed test.

Probably your phone and tablet will both want to talk on 5Ghz, but it still may give some indication is anything external is interfering with your network…

Otherwise I blame the firmware! :smirk:


Actually, I misspoke, the TV streaming 4k is on ethernet , but still using network recourses, however, my other apple TV box is wifi and on 5GHz.

I didn’t check with that particular app, but used the Android app WiFi analyzer. It showed neighbors, but not a huge amount of congestion. The weird thing is that during the day when IOS won’t stream the V3 pro in 2k, the neighbors are not home and likely using less WiFi, vs evening when they are home and using their stuff.


Welp, so much for my theories! This is just too weird…

It is night time and my V3 Pro is streaming in 2K. But not during the day.

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You may have already said, and I missed it, but are you using IOS or Android?

iOS on a new iPhone 14 Pro. Everything is current: firmware for camera, Wyze app, and iOS.

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I have the same exact problem. The cam will not stream during the day if set to 2k. On the latest version of iOS.

Try it at night, I bet it streams then. Mine doesn’t stream during the day, but at night it does. Total bs Wyze once again ships a buggy device. #cam-v3-pro

It’s starting to look like something more common, but not exclusively on IOS. But definitely a Wyze problem since the accounts of this are adding up. When I first posted this problem, I wasn’t really expecting others with the exact same issue since time of day problems seemed too weird and I was more looking for network problem suggestions.

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I wonder why it’s only some people and not everyone.


I believe it’s a signal issue but not sure how to solve. I have 7 cameras all wyze v3 not pro…they all have no problems because they are 1080.
The pro works inside my house with no problem however when I put it outside it only works in SD mode and sporadically in 2k mode….It is located within 6 ft
Of my outdoor v3 which works flawlessly @1080 and this camera is further from the modem :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:…any help?
PS I also have a solar operated camera 2k video 5 times the distance and it has no signal problem.

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