Weird knocking sounds

Hi, I’m experiencing some weird knocking sounds in live view or when recording. This happens at all times of the day and only with this specific camera. I have moved it from one room to the other and it captures this knock sound in any room. There has been a couple times where my wife was sitting in the trim and she could not hear the knock with her ears but it’s very loud on the camera. Has anyone experience this? I’m a new user so I can’t upload attachments :roll_eyes:

Hi @Njlc63 I have bumped up your forum trust level so you should now be able to post an attachment.

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Thank you!!! I just tried and still not working. I’ll give it a couple hours and try again

Might try a reload in case the browser needs to be updated.

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Or log out of the forum and log back in.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try

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Or log out of the forum and log back in.

Here is the video. Single knocks can be heard and a few in a row. Is kinda scary to be honest but I’m sure is something with the camera. Everyone is sleeping at this time I’m the only one up. Also like I said before it does it always on live view

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Is there anything bumping or scratching against the wall near the camera? The microphone can be sensitive to that.

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Another possibility is those are static bursts, maybe caused by weak signal strength or interference. If you go into the camera’s settings > Device info, how many bars are next to “Signal Strength”?

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Nothing at all. We have tested it by having my wife sit there and listen in silence and she can’t hear anything but I can on the app

I just checked and it has 3 bars. It doesn’t show any empty bars like my cellphone so I’m not sure how many total bars there is for más signal

I forgot to mention. We have also moved this camera to the bedroom and the sound follows

That may be a malfunctioning camera. You should probably contact Wyze Support at +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT, & Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (-3 hours from Eastern Time at the moment).


Thanks for the Info. I’ll have to do that if resetting it doesn’t fix it

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Definitely contact support as @Newshound mentioned!

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I get a loud click when my cameras switch from normal to night vision, but nothing like this.

I had the same problem and talked with a “Wyze Genius”. I was getting a loud single knock or bang as a noise alarm on several cameras. The Genius had me do the following:

  1. Go into Live Mode with any of the cameras that has the problem.
  2. Turn the volume up all the way on the phone.
  3. Click on the small semi-circular shaped light blue icon just above the image to change the camera night vision settings from off to on to auto. In my case, I heard the loud knocking noise. This is the camera filter rotating. It’s the same clicking noise made by the camera that you can hear if you are standing by the camera, but because the clicking sound is emanating from the camera and the microphone is inside the camera, it is interpreted as being very loud and triggers the notification.
  4. The Genius told me that cycling the filter several times might solve the problem. But I just turned off the Noise triggered notification. Problem solved (sort of).

Is there another camera or :microphone: hidden in the room?