False Sound Notification of a single bang / knock

Hello, I have 3 of your cameras. A recommended your cameras to a friend and he has 1 or 2 now. We both get sound notifications of a “Bang” on our cameras every few days… what is that? Is that the camera re booting after a software upgrade? I can send you privately the notification video/sound. Today I had this sound notification on 2 separate cameras. One in my pole ban at 3:30am and then in my dinning room about 10am today.

doylebob, I was glad to find your post since I heard the “bang” sound on my sound notifications as well.
I thought that something fell on my living room but I was not able to find anything. I am getting these notifications on several occasions and trying to figure out the problem. Were you able to figure it out??


I have now had this “Bang” or Knock on 3 cameras. Wyze support has replaced 2 of them and yet the 2 new ones still produce the bang. I have a friend that has 2 Wyze cameras and he gets the bang too. Wzye support twice now has not solution than to just replace the cameras. The bang is in their logic programming, the camera is re booting or I just don’t know. But I get the bang from a camera in my house, in my garage and same for my friend. I love the cameras and the app, just the bang is weird. Keep me posted what you find too.

Count me in, not for the bang but other erroneous sounds that generate false alarms but don’t exist in the environment but within the camera design

I get the same thing on my Wyze can v2 the last couple of days. Darn near sound like a gun shot. What is going on. This had happened 3-4 times now. Only on one of my camera’s so far.

Same thing happened to me on my living room cam last night. I woke up and found an event alert a little after midnight. I watched it and it was a loud bang like something falling or something like that but everyone was in bed and the dogs didn’t bark. I chalked it up to a stupid ghost who ran into a wall while trying to walk through it.

My camera’s used to trigger on the ice maker dropping fresh cubes in the bin. Took me forever to figure it out.

On some (but not all) of my v2 cams, when they switch on the IR lights at dusk, creates a “click” within the camera, which triggers a Sound event notification. Seems like it would be easy to either (1) mute the mic for a second before the lights are switched on, or (2) recognize - “if sound event within 1 sec of IR lights coming on, ignore” Thanks!

Generally I love my cams but this one seems so obvious. I have some other related feedback (I get s LOT of false alarm notifications!) but will try to attach each to the appropriate threads.

I see multiple questions about the same issue that I’m having. I would consider getting the Wyze full support BUT I get so many false positives from sounds like this that I’m hesitant.
WYZE? Why haven’t you posed a solution or even acknowledged an issue in over three years?

Yes, I think this could be fixed in the software to detect when a lighting change is about to happen. I sometimes get a good number of these on a day when clouds are going over causing a drastic change in indoor lighting, even with curtains drawn.