Webview not working

Browser window shows live view and events pages but clicking on any one event video yeilds;

“No compatible source was found for this media.”

This has been going on for 3 days now. Is it me or is it Wyze server?


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What browser?

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Chrome version 101.0.4951.54 on MacBook Pro running OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)

I don’t normally watch events via WebView, but tried a bunch of events and they played fine. Using Chrome 101.0.4951.54 on a Windows 10 desktop.

Thanks for the reply. That it works on your end suggests something amiss on my end. Webview, albeit functionally hobbled compared to iOS and Android is hugely convenient to me. Something on webview broke several days ago rendering it useless. No clue what I can do on my end to put it back on the rails.

iOS and Android work per normal but these avenues are not as useful to me as the nice big image on my computer monitor.

Thanks again for feed back.

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