Webcam-mac-specific topic


I have a macOSCatalina Version 10.15.4.

It’s an Apple C-Port adapter. For some reason, I downloaded the firmware and everything but my webcam is still not being recognized by my computer. could someone please help?


I’m having the same issue, and I’m anxiously awaiting an answer

Great! Wyze, is there any way your tech support can help with this since many are having issues with using the software on their Mac computers?

I have read both topics, I will admit right out of the gate I do not use Apple products which is why I have not commented before, however the only thing that stands out is you are using an Apple c-type adapter and the webcam instructions say you must use an usb type a to usb type a cable. I wonder if that could be the issue.

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I’m tempted to think that’s not the issue. I’m able to get the WyzeCam V2 flashed with Webcam firmware working on Windows 10, but it doesn’t show up at all on Mac… Using the same USB-C <-> USB-A cable.
I assume @Ash77 is using a USB-A <-> USB-A cable with an Apple USB-C adapter, which is necessary to plug an USB-A cable into any recent Apple laptop.

Exactly! I don’t think it is C-Port. it is still the USB

It was just my guess, I have not run the webcam nor do I use Apple so we have exhausted my only guess.

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I was able to get the camera to work with Catalina by using a USB A to Micro USB and then a Micro USB to USB C adapter. They both were cheap cables I had laying around. It wouldn’t work with the USB A to USB C cable I had and some other cables. So just keep trying different types and adapters.