Wyze Cam v2 not working with 2020 13" MacBook Pro (10th generation Intel CPU)

I flashed the Wyze CAM v2 with the webcam firmware today, and it appears that this camera doesn’t work with the 2020 13" MacBook Pro (10th generation Intel). However, it works fine with the 2018 13" MacBook Air. Both are running Catalina. I used the same USB-A to USB-A cable with both computers.

Moreover, I booted into Windows installed in Boot Camp on the 2020 13" MacBook Pro (10th generation Intel), and this camera behaved exactly the same way in Windows that it did in macOS. The behavior is as follows: when I plug the the USB-A cable into the Wyze Cam v2, the camera shows up for about a second and then disappears. I can see this in FaceTime or Photo Booth in macOS, and I can see this in Device Manager in Windows. The camera pops up for a few seconds, and I can even see an image from it in FaceTime for a second or two, but then the Wyze Cam V2 disappears. It doesn’t seem to have this problem with the 2018 MacBook Air, but I did have a couple of occasions with the 2018 MacBook Air that after I unplugged the USB cable from the camera and plugged it back in in, the camera failed to get recognized. A simple reboot of the computer fixed that problem. However, with the 2020 13" MacBook Pro (10th generation Intel), I can’t get this camera to work no matter what I try.

Additionally, I tried this camera with a USB-C to USB-A cable that works with an Android phone, but the camera doesn’t get powered by this cable when I plug the USB-C end into the 2020 13" MacBook Pro (10th generation Intel) and the USB-A end into the Wyze Cam V2 camera. This same USB-C to USB-A cable works for Android Auto with an Android phone in my car, both charging the Android phone and sending data between the phone and the head unit running Android Auto in my car.

I spoke with Wyze support and was told that 2020 MacBook Pro is not compatible with this camera.