Please update the video camera to be for the latest Apple Software!

it would be great if you could do this since now the webcam is only for the older version of Mac. Please do this as it would be greatly appreciated since so many video cams are now out of stock. I purchased yours thinking it would work on my computer, but was sad to find out that it only worked with the older software for Apple.

Hi Ashley,

Wyze has stated that the webcam firmware was a one-time project and they don’t intend to do any further development on it.

That said, you may want to search the forum and post in one of the several threads discussing its usage and installation. To my knowledge, the webcam firmware is not restricted to older versions of macOS.

Thank you! Apple has said that software many times will be recognized for the software it was made for and that software only which is why my C-Port is not recognizing it through my USB adapter.

Where is the forum and what are the subject titles to find to post?

Click the magnifying glass icon top right. Enter “webcam”. That should find the posts for you.