Webcam Linux

Hi there,

Loving the new webcam firmware and I’m trying to get it running with octoprint (I know this is not officially supported) I’m curious of a couple of things and if I can get the answers I can go off and experiment.

  1. The vendor id reported from lsusb is: ID 18d1:0001 Google Inc. Onda V972 (storage access) which seems odd but not uncommon for webcams to spoof an ID.
  2. Does the webcam support MJPEG streaming? if so what resolution and framerate? Can I supply say 1080x720 @ 30fps? does it support others?
  3. Does it require a special mode? like YUVC?

Thanks for your help and for unlocking this new feature

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Nevermind. I just needed to restart the server.
Works right out of the box. Amazing Job!


Mine still shows up as a Google device and I’m lost as to what else to try. I have a new USB-A to USB-A cable. It works on my Win10 computer as a webcam. Does it register correctly now using lsusb? Any suggestions? I have rebooted my Pi multiple times. Did you make changes in octopi.txt?

Thank you.