Web view not working with cam v3

Trying out a wyze cam v3 and not able to get it to work on the web view. On iphone works great, but can not view on the web view. have sent emails to wyze but no answer. Any advice? Thanks

I am sorry this is happening. Do you get any errors when trying to view it? I am guessing you verified you have Cam Plus on the cam as it is required for Web View.


No error message just white screen where it looks like it should be showing the view. Click to view events, it shows there is a event but when i select it, same thing. Just white screen with place that looks like it should be a video. Same with Chrome or Edge. Looking at getting 3 more of these and the flood light but need the web view so i can have it on a larger screen to view.

Yes i have Cam Plus

still no response from wyze on why it might not be working

I apologize I did not see your previous replies. Have you tried calling into support and seeing if they can help troubleshoot?

(206) 339-9646

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