Web Stream Help (OG connects / V3 will not connect)

I am a new Wyze user. I started out with a couple of OG’s to see what to try out and all has been great with them. Next batch I ordered a couple of the newer V3.

All cameras can be viewed on the phone and all events on both styles are captured and can be viewed online.

However to “monitor” live on a desktop/screen- I cannot get the V3’s to connect through the web view no matter what I try. I’ve tried turning off all but one…I have deleted and reinstalled the firmware. Tested camera next to wifi signal… all the things that I know to try.

Any shared-like experience and suggestions would be appreciated.


Any reason why one version of camera would work fine on web stream/view and not the other?

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Really simple and works perfect. Simply download Bluestacks on your PC. Open it and load the WYZE app. Once you do you will see the exact same view you see on your phone. I have 8 V3 cameras and they work perfect. I wish WYZE would modify their program to allow for multiple column so that you don’t have to keep scrolling down to see all your cameras. I’m sure they have no interest because they want to sell you their worthless PC connection. Once you set up Bluestacks you’ll realize how fast and easy it is to use. Then just a shortcut on your PC screen and your cameras open instantly.

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I have a couple dozen v3’s working with v2"s in the web/live on PC, but my issue is it won’t load cameras if they are on different 2.4 networks. I have wifi extenders that have different SSID’s than the main router and if the SSID is different, they won’t display. I get “Web Connection Failed” on the web/live. Like yours, they work fine in the Wyze App on phone or tablet. I love the cameras, but I am finding Wyze Support lacking. I found a support email address, but it came back as "unmonitored’. So worthless!

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You are not alone… It appears you are experiencing a similar problem to what I have since they released the new update to Cam Plus where they added the Monitoring tab. Any new V3 camera ( I have not tried a different camera) that has been added since the roll out will not register properly and do not show live streaming on the Web View. They will live stream on the ap, but not on the web view. I have also found that my other V3’s will not limit event recording to Smart Detections and instead - record any motion regardless of how the settings are selected in the app for the camera… Still hoping the Wyze staff are working on a fix.

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Adding my experience. Same exact issue. have 4 v3’s that ive used for over a year all working fine. just added 3 more over the weekend and none will show up in web view. everything works fine in the app, just not web view. wish they would acknowledge the issue (if they havent already) since support gave the general response of trying different browsers and restarting the cameras as if i didnt do all of that already. Glad i checked here, was starting to think i was alone in this issue.

Your “extender” isn’t properly set up. The ssids should be the same.