Web Portal asking to be upgraded to cam plus when I have cam plus unlimited

For almost a year I have had Cam Plus Unlimited. Two days ago I logged into the Web portal and went to view my cameras, but I did not get to see my cameras All I see is an upgrade to CaM Plus to view cameras. I checked and I still have my subscription to Cam Plus Unlimited. I contacted customer support twice and they told me they couldn’t help because they didn’t know what was going on. That they have to send it to their service department and that they can only do it via email. I have been emailing them and sending pictures but all I got was “Please try to refresh the page or try again in some time. Just to let you know, Wyze Webview is still in beta and you may experience this issue from time to time.” OK? I mean is that the solution? Since it is Beta they can forget you paid for a subscription. I’m not trying to suggest anything but I do not like the response FIX the issues don’t make more but just blow us customers off like that. Very unprofessional. It’s an issue with the subscription linking up to the web portal. How difficult is that? You guys are freaking experts I assume. I do believe I’m not the only one with this issue.

Are you running the beta Wyze app?