Web Browser and NAS Support - Camect integration with Wyze Cams

In my search to find some kind of desktop/browser support I bumped into Camect.

It appears to be a devices that plugs into your network and captures most security camera feeds and allows you to A) view from a desktop browser B) send to a NAS (purchased separately)… EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. You also get smart alerts, can setup activity zones, and a bunch of other features. It supports up to 12 cameras for $60/year.

Too Good to be True??

I reached out to them and apparently they have Camect working with Wyse cameras in their test labs already. If anyone knows anything about this product please add comments below. I’m jumping on their pre-order tomorrow if nobody has any red flags to throw up…

Looks interesting, but it is still vaporware. Too bad Wyze is not putting emphasis on this sort of device.

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Bears watching. I am always Leary of vaporware. When they actually ship I will take another look.

No mention of minimum network requirements.

I would be happy living inside a Wyse ecosystem but without web browser support and NAS integration I’m left searching for other solutions. I just placed my CAMECT pre-order and will post back here when this product is delivered.

gemniii - much more product detail can be found on the pre-order page now: Camect: World’s Smartest, Most Private Camera Hub | Indiegogo

This is a deal breaker

I’ve had very good success on windows computers, with installing Bluestacks https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html (android emulator). Once installed, you can then download TinyCam app (free with advertisements) or TinyCam Pro ($4.99 ) from the google play store.

TinyCam gives you a huge number of options for displaying live feeds…from one, to 16+ cameras at a time. It’s worked well for me. The only down side, is that inputting the cameras into the app can be tedious, and a bit confusing…but if you take your time, it’s fairly intuitive.

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TinyCam will run on most any Android device like a tablet, or phone. Even a Fire TV or Android TV device. You don’t need to install Bluestacks on your computer to run TinyCam. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend running it under any emulator.

I run TinyCam on my Fire TV because it’s always running (even when the screen is blank).

I tried bulestack and tinycam, didn’t care for it at all. I’ll try tinycam on FireTV while I wait for the Camect.

I’m curious…how do you run TinyCam on a windows computer without Bluestacks? Personally, I’d prefer not to run the emulator,but I’ve never seen or heard of a windows version of TinyCam…could you explain or post a link??

This quote…

Huh? You stated:

You don’t need to install Bluestacks on your computer to run TinyCam. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend running it under any emulator.

You made it sound as if there was a windows version of TinyCam… which to my knowledge, there is not. I get the impression you’re assuming everybody has/uses android phones and/or tablets… I don’t. My phone and tables are IOS, so for me, the only way to run TinyCam is with an emulator on a windows computer. That being said, if you are aware of a windows version of TinyCam, that works without an emulator, please post a link.


I was interested when I read that also but I don’t think there is one, if there is I would like to know.

I had tiny Cam on my TV, on the phone, on a tablet , I didn’t have good luck with it, it kept getting screwed up, and the one on my TV totally crashed with an update and my cameras were all gone the only thing there was public cameras that I never put on there,
anyway I uninstalled all tiny Cam apps

Truth be told…TinyCam was more about a lack of options then a really good piece of software. I’ve had mine go haywire a time or two, and had to reinstall all the cameras…but there just aren’t a lot of other options out there.

That is true, I think , tiny Cam is about the best if you really want to view it on a PC
I also tried out 3 different emulators they have their own problems

I don’t know if it has a Windows version but I use IP Camera Viewer on iOS and Macs and FireTV and it is very stable and full featured.

Any final recommendations on this topic? Lightest, safest and free?

Waiting on the Camect device to be delivered in the next 30-60 days… I’ll post some feedback once I have it up and running for a few weeks.

Can you share a link to IP Cam Viewer plz?