Web Access to live streams

Does Wyze support streaming the video feed from a computer?

You can Flash the Firmware for RTSP into your cam and then use a compatible video player like VLC to stream. I’ve tried a couple of others but have had no success using my older laptop.

I use Motioneye/Motion on my ubuntu system to stream video from multiple cameras. It supports RTSP/ONVIF/USB cams. It also does motion sensing, alerts, video and still images.

I have it working currently with Amcrest and Wyze cameras (using RTSP).

Forgot to mention, it is free.

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VLC will only stream one camera correct?

I will check out Motioneye/Motion on ubuntu as I have an old laptop that can run this.

I am guessing I will still be able to see it on the app if I flash it.

I posted this and put in a ticket to get information quicker one way or another. I would like to check up on my house while I am at work.

The Wyze cams work with the Wyze application after flashing with RTSP firmware. The main disadvantage is that the RTSP firmware is a fork of the main version and isn’t being maintained with regular updates. You lose certain features such as person detection.

As to VLC, it is primarily a one to one thing …one video stream at a time. You theoretically can open multiple instances but I didn’t find that useful.

I have attempted to do this and all i get is it saying ready to connect. I have followed the instructions by disconnecting the camera, waiting 5 seconds, hitting setup and then putting the power back in. I see blue for like less than 1 second.

Are you holding the reset button on the bottom of the camera during the power up? I found it very difficult to hold so you may need some sort of “tool” to press it during the bootup process.

I was able to get it. I think I had to put the card in the camera nad format FAT32 as it is normally formatted NTFS.

You are very correct that it is a pain to do the reset. Wyze should have the following items on their roadmap

  • easier set up button location and configuration
  • native live streaming support
  • support for ntfs file systems
  • support for 5ghz wifi signal
  • support for wired network connection

The last two are just items that I am pretty sure would increase the cost of the cameras but they are suggestions nonetheless. I think the first two are much higher priorities.