Using Raspberry Pi Zero W to stream camera feed

I am trying to figure out if a raspberry pi zero running raspbian would be able to play back three feeds through vlc using rtsp. Any advice would be appreciated.

I want to make sure I am getting what you are trying to do. You want to flash three Wyze cameras for RTSP. Then run VLC on a RasPi that will watch all three cameras and display all three on the video display connected to the Pi? Or do you mean that the RasPi would then stream the combined video of the three cameras? Or something else?

Yes correct, I want to connect a monitor to the RasPi, to use as a viewing platform.

It would work, except for the V3 and WCO models at present. But an Android or iOS tablet would be a more elegant solution (and would work with all models and would not require RTSP flashing).

Ah I get what you’re saying. Is there any way to view multiple camera feeds within the app simultaneously if I use a tablet? I have not used multiple cameras before so I am not sure.

Oh absolutely. The regular app has supported it for some time.

If you use TinyCam you can mix Wyze cameras with other brands in the same multipanel interface.

Wow this is good to hear. I think I will definitely go with just a tablet now. Thanks for the great info!

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The group function in the Wyze app works quite well. Curious one thing @josh.jagessar how do you (or even can you) get VLC to display multiple streams at the same time? I have never found a way to get VLC to display multiple streams simultaneously.

Multiple VLC sessions/windows doesn’t work?

Check VLC options for the ‘multiple instances’ check boxes, IIRC disabled by default

Thanks. They key is not running multiple streams in one instance of VLC, but rather running multiple instances of VLC - each with a different stream. Got it. Not as convenient as multiple streams on one instance, but working…